Pontins 1st Section Results

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  1. dyl

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    1. Wrexham Brass, W. Ruston, 8
    2. United Norwest Co-op Milnrow, A. White, 11
    3. Knottingly Silver, K. Belcher, 2
    4. Ibstock Brick Brass, D. Jones, 3
    5. Longridge, B. Baker, 12
    6. BHK (UK) Horden Band, Major Peter Parkes, 20
    7. Stannington, J. Hopkinson, 5
    8. Unity Brass, P. Northey, 1
    9. Pemberton Old Wigan, N. Sheppard, 16
    10. Tintwistle, D. Shutter, 9
    11. Derwent Brass, K. Leonard, 23
    12. Blackburn and Darwen, L. Nicholson, 10
    13. Moston and Beswick, M. Obermuller, 22
    14. Forest of Dean Brass, Miss J. Gwynne, 21
    15. Yorkshire Co-operatives, J. Roberts, 4
    16. Towcester Studio, J. Berryman, 13
    17. Holme Silver, G. Hetherington, 6
    18. Bedworth Brass, D. Williams, 14
    19. Vernon Building Society Poynton, A. Lawton, 7
    20. Enderby, S. Cooper, 19
    21. Stonesfield Silver, T. Brotherhood, 15
    22. Markham and District, N. Seaman, 17
    23. Tyldesley Brass, R. Taylor, 18

    (Courtesy of 4barsrest)
  2. rickcowens

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    well done to the milnrow crew!!!!!!!! yet another gr8 result! and unlucky to horden never mind 6th is still a good result though!!!
  3. BurgerBoy

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    Pontins 1st Section

    Great result for Wrexham Brass! I thought it was fully deserved. They used to be Rhos, didn't they?
  4. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    well done everybody.
  5. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    farcical result at a farcical contest. how can anyone adjudicate so many bands?
  6. Sellers_Bird

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    congrats to the milnrow lot, although im not convinced that many of them come on here, a well deserved 2nd place!! :wink:
  7. Pythagoras

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    Maybe 23 bands is too much but in most of the sections there were enough withdrawls to get it down to about 18 which is about the same as the area (at least near me anyway). Surely the number of entrants is a sign of the contests popularity.

    In my own section there were 18 bands playing a piece that was a test for 4th section and hopefully brought the players on musically. Nothing farcical about that.

    Also, something like Pontins is an excellent way of recruiting players, who might come originally to play Pontins then end up staying. If you cut down the numbers of bands you would be denying this opportunity and presumably it would be the bands who finished lower in the results who would not be asked back, and these are probably the bands who need the shot in the arm that Pontins gives the most.

    As for a farcical result, I don't know. Unlike the adjudicators I didn't listen to all 23 bands in the first section.
  8. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    Well said Daniel!
    I didn't listen to anyoone in the First Section as well but its not the first time in the history of the Brass Band movement that 18 or more bands have played at a contest.
    What about Whit Friday when some contests have nearly 70 bands playing?
    Many of us came away from Pontins feeling dissapointed but we just accept it, moaning about it wont change the result, and it never has done.
  9. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    Whos moaning? Certainly not me. I just think that they should think about restricting the numbers to a maximum of 20.
  10. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    Using words like 'Farcical result and farcical contest' isn't moaning then?
    Could have fooled me!!!
  11. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    I may disagree with the result and think it is a joke but im not moaning about it. You cant moan about it as it is finished with now and you cant change it.
  12. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Well all i can say is i'm pretty damn pleased with 7th in my first 1st section contest. :D
  13. Grunt

    Grunt New Member

    Cheers Sellers_Bird (and others), there is at least one of us that visits here!

    As for restricting the entry to Pontins, I thought it was limited though obviously not enough for some.

    Why restrict the entry though? I realise that a lengthy contest can lead to suggestions that the adjudicators are tired, or fed up of the peice, thought I can not see anything in the results to suggest that bands that played earlier or later in the day were particularly favoured.

    To be honest I would rather compete against 20 or so bands than the 5 or 6 that turn up to some of the other more "local" contests.
  14. neiltwist

    neiltwist Active Member

    exactly, how many of the less popular local contests have been cancelled recently?
  15. BurgerBoy

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    Pontins 1st section

    But surely you are moaning about the result!

    Why was it a joke? I admit, I do actually play for Wrexham Brass. We knew we had played well, and everyone I spoke to before the results came out said we were there or there abouts, and that includes players from bands competing against us.
  16. Voldemort

    Voldemort Member

    I thought Alan Lawton's reading of Resurgam was superb and having heard the majority of bands in the first section i thought Vernon Building Society Poynton Band would have walked away with the first prize.
    Milnrow were also very, very good and deserved their second placing.

    It amazed me how many bands played a 'pause' on the first note of this piece.

    IT'S A CROTCHET :twisted:
  17. Dolly

    Dolly Member

    Thanks Voldemort, I was playing with Vernon and was a bit dissapointed but I got over it very quickly indeed with a few (too many) drinks! lol
  18. BurgerBoy

    BurgerBoy Member

    Pontins 1st Section

    All the bands I heard they were all VERY slow openings and seemed to wallow, and I thought this tended to make any poor intonation more noticable than it would have been. Perhaps that was our secret - play it so fast they couldn't hear the mistakes!!!

    I couldn't hear Vernon's very well as we were waiting back stage (freezing in our black shirts - even colder next year in November!Thermal vests all round!!) but I was very suprised they came so far down the results page.
  19. tiklz

    tiklz New Member

    VBS Poynton

    I agree with Voldermort, i sat through nearly all the performances of Resurgam and the first band that stood out a mile was VBS Poynton.
    Alan Lawtons interpretation of the music was spot on, the tempos super with a fantastic cornet solo (the best i heard on the day) and what an ending!
    The audience seemed to enjoy just as much as me, as ther were many people stood up cheering.
    The only other bands that i saw rival this were Co-op Milnrow (fantastic!) and Wrexham.
    I listened with bated breath to BHKs performance and was left V.dissapointed (Snare drum coming in through the silent bars!!!)
    How this band came 19th behind so many awful, dull and lifeless performances i dont know!
    Those who missed VBS co-op Milnrow or Wrexham on the day missed Real Music
  20. Mofman

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    1st Section Pontins Results

    Must say I was very annoyed with the results too. Congrats to the winners and this isn't a case of sour grapes, but as a playing member of the VBS Band I thought we played very well during the contest and the outcome of 19th was just a joke. The comments from the adjudicators were read out the following week at rehearsal by Alan Lawton and everyone agreed they sounded like they were comments from another band.

    I have to say I believe the adjudicators got the comments mixed up, but that is my opinion only.

    Thanks to all who have expressed a positive comment about VBS coming 19th