PolySteel up for BIC challenge

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    The PolySteel Band is preparing to round-up its successful contesting year with another challenge for the Brass in Concert crown.

    PolySteel has become renowned for its impressive and groundbreaking entertainment programmes and the band and Musical Director, Philip Harper, promise that the 2006 programme will be just as innovative, in spite of the fact that the judges at the 2005 competition failed to be inspired by the fully choreographed performance of Beyond the Tamar.

    Without revealing too many details, the band’s 2006 programme will include another inspiring new composition from the pen of Philip Harper as well as a variety of other works. Commenting on his new and challenging work, Philip Harper said: “I wrote this piece for the band over the summer months because I wanted to provide an exciting challenge for them in the second half of 2006. As usual they have approached the piece with enthusiasm and, as long as I can get them awake at 9:30am, I'm sure it will be another great performance.”