PolySteel to join up with Renton

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    PolySteel join up with Renton

    Gloucester’s premier brass band, PolySteel Brass Band, is joining up with the renowned and respected conductor and musician, Frank Renton, at its forthcoming concert at Cheltenham’s Bacon Theatre on Saturday 8 April at 7.30pm.

    With the band’s Musical Director Philip Harper away on a well deserved holiday, the band wanted someone equally as charismatic, articulate and with the expertise of working with both band and audience and PolySteel therefore invited Frank to lead it in its unique ‘By Request’ concert.

    The concert programme has being devised purely using the musical choices of an audience at one of the band’s previous concerts at the same venue. ‘By Request’ forms were left for the audience to fill in, inviting them to nominate their favourite pieces of music for inclusion in the concert.

    The music chosen includes everything from famous Rossini overtures, Bach epics and Puccini classics, through to Irving Berlin, film favourites and Norwegian rock songs.

    The concert commences at 7.30pm and promises to be an exciting evening of music chosen by the audience, for the audience.

    Tickets can be purchased by contacting the theatre Box office on 01242 258002 or by contacting the band’s secretary on 01452 612601. Tickets are priced at £8.50.
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