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  1. hughess

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    After 5 years away from the contesting & concert platforms, the Point of Ayr Band is planning to return to the action in 2008.

    Although still not quite at full complement, we have a very strong nucleus of players keen to work the band back through the sections. We have made big strides over the last few months, and feel that the decision to withdraw from the spotlight for a few years was the correct one, as it has re-energised the band back to life. We have a long way to go and many more struggles ahead but at last we do feel very positive and optimistic about the future.

    We are also calling any past and new players who may be interested in joining a very competitive and forward looking band to get in touch on 07729810342, Also any past members who still hold band equipment or uniforms please get in touch to arrange return.

    We hope to present the band for re-grading due to the long period in which the Band has not competed. There will be further announcements shortly regarding the MD position of the band, their grading position and any new signings.

    Point Of Ayr Management Team.
  2. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Bravo !
    Well done, and the very best of luck - you deserve it !
    - Wilkie
  3. DaveR

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    Fantastic news! Hope you regain your former strength very quickly! :clap:
  4. postie

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    Very good to see that you have decided to come back excellent!!!
  5. jim

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    This is a great news for banding as a whole, an ex band of mine we onced rehearsed in the Point bandroom when we went to Pontins.

    All the very best for sticking things out.
  6. Mark Bousie

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    Fantastic news! I have very fond memories of helping Point out in the 90s.
  7. hughess

    hughess Member

    Thanks all for your kind words , As we said before we have a long way to go to reach the bands former standard but we will be pushing as hard as we can.
    We all know how hard it is to keep a band afloat in todays climate, But we are fighting back and hope that we may be the first of many to return from the dark, and reverse the trend of losing to many bands.
    Once again thank you for your words of encouragement it really makes things worthwhile.
  8. andywooler

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    Hope it all goes well - from another "phoenix"!
  9. TubaPete

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    Good luck with it - it's nice to see the old band up and fighting. Hopefully you'll get back to the Area winning standard of the late 1990s and maybe make beat the 1998 3rd place at the Euros.


    (former Eb and Bb Bass, Point of Ayr)
  10. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Great stuff.

    In an age when we hear every week of bands folding or struggling through lack of players, it's great to hear of a band fighting back.

    Keep it up!!
  11. hughess

    hughess Member

    Nearly up to full stength now, Remember if there are any keen bandsmen or women interested in becoming a team member give us a call, We are based near Prestatyn in North Wales and there are lifts available from most directions.

    We would also like to thank every body for the kind comments Emails and phone calls we have received, It really has given us that extra determination to succeed, Thank You

    Point of Ayr Management Team
  12. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Go for it... we wish you the very best of luck with this... from all at tMP :tup
  13. Timpking

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    Can't agree more.
    Will the band be competing at the area? If so what section?
    All the very best.
  14. hughess

    hughess Member

    Thank you Timpking, Yes we hope to get the band ready for the Welsh area in March, As for section were not sure were we will be graded at this time, I hope we will know more at begining of year.
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  15. ah it does feel good to be back in the old bandroom again, the old ******s can still blow cant they? ha ha
  16. cant believe they sensored my word! il try again the old folk can still blow is what i tried to say!

    Don't try to beat the bleeper!
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  17. Aston

    Aston New Member

    Nice to see that it is not all doom and gloom in the banding world as we enter 2008,well done guys.

    Dave and Jannine Aston
    Polysteel Band
  18. alix

    alix New Member

    This is fantastic news! Point of Ayr returns..hope you are still planning on giving it all, right to the makers nameplate! :D I still have very fond memories of my time with the band and some ace contest results!

    Best Wishes x
  19. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    i would say that's a bit unfair, you'll only have three months to practice the test piece:ranting2:

    Anyway, best of luck for the areas, whatever section
  20. tam-tam2

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    Three months?! More like 2 after you get back after Xmas and then have the area in the first 2 weeks of March.:rolleyes: