Pogson Bray who's going then

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by IJK, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. IJK

    IJK Member

    So who's entered Pogson Bray on the 1st April then?

    Ireland Colliery will be there in section B
  2. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob Member

    I'll be there, with bells on, supporting the wife, who's playing with Deepcar on their first ever contest. Spose I'll have to support Ireland as well though seeing as you're there too!
  3. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Youth section - Sellers, Gawthorpe, Sissit
    Section B - Deepcar, ICCB, Emley, Linthwaite, Skelmanthorpe
    Section A - Co-op, Meltham, Slaithwaite

    all only rumour tho - I know nothing offical of course!

    Anyone else - why isn't there more bands going? what would tempt you to enter a yorkshire contest rather than travelling to compete!?

  4. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    The closing date for entries is today and the trust committee are holding their final meeting to finalize details tomorrow night i have already started a thread for the contest here


    so will post all details on the above thread following tomorrows meeting.

  5. Bobbi's girl

    Bobbi's girl Member

    Dodworth are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. MandyB

    MandyB New Member

    Think I may come along for a listen..... sounds like a good day!!

    Is Mike coming along Ian?!?!
  7. IJK

    IJK Member

    Mike will be there!!
  8. JoeDrumTech

    JoeDrumTech New Member

    Yep Dodworth will be there... bit short notice like but we're there...
    Looking forward to be helping our pals Emily out aswell...
    Im always happy to help you out guys!!!

    Any more news on whos playing in section b?
  9. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Very short notice, I've only just found out! :eek:

    Good contest though, I remember doing it a couple of years ago and thought it had a nice atmosphere.
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  10. hvb_shizzle

    hvb_shizzle Member

    Sorry to be a bit anal Joe but don't you mean Emley?
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2007
  11. hvb_shizzle

    hvb_shizzle Member

    I'm a bit gutted firstly our youth band was supposed to be there, then our senior band. Think there might have been a slight logistical problem there two bands, one contest, thirteen overlapping players. Now neither band is going! Because we are all lazy!
    At least I get to go and watch the Mighty Trin destroy the London Skolars!

    Good Luck Dodworth!:p
  12. barrytone

    barrytone Member

    Think there's only two bands now in section A as I understand one has withdrawn?
  13. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    No as far as the trust committee is aware no-one has been in touch to say they have withdrawn they held their final meeting last night watch this space i shall be putting the offical list on the threads in the next couple of days !
  14. TheKnightTemplar

    TheKnightTemplar New Member

    Any clues as to whats being played or is it all hush hush
  15. Di

    Di Active Member

    As it is an own choice contest, we do as that, yes, it be kept hush hush in fairness to all and in accordance with Rules & Guidelines 2(g) here. ;)

    Thanks. :)
  16. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    I believe this years contest is Open Adjudication, but I appreciate its best to keep pieces to be played ' under wraps' .
  17. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Batting ideas round with the big chief organiser last night -
    If we could arrange it, do people think that having the contest in Morley Town hall would up the prestige and entry of the contest?

    just my thought, wondered what folk thought?!
  18. TheKnightTemplar

    TheKnightTemplar New Member

    Upping the ante of the venue should pull in more bands - and probably make it more of a winner with the public; downside as always is the trade off with the cost of putting on a regional event like this. Be good too if media coverage was better (or even existent) but unless this was held in the Metropolis of Leeds, Calendar News or Look North just wouldn't want to know. Grrrr....
  19. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Yes, but we may piggy back through the Leeds Brass Band concert series?!
    One negative thought is the contest is well suppoorted (well, so so) by huddersfield bands, Morley is one more M62 junction from this years contest, would the traditional Pogson Bands, stay with the contest, I know Emley would ;-)!! And I think we'd enjoy going to a good hall, with the chance of an audience, and plenty of pubs around, and theres plenty of free parking too!
  20. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Just a quick note to say good luck to The Emley this weekend, hope you all have a good time.

    I dread to think what the meerkat may be getting up to ;) Hope he brings you more luck this time! (and more 'interesting' photos!)

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