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  1. Terrible Timp

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    The Pogson Bray Trust committee are pleased to announce that 9 bands have entered their First Entertainment Contest following the cancellation of last years annual test piece contest due to lack of entries.

    The new format will see the bands compete in a 20 minute Concert programme which must include a march.

    The competing bands are (in alphabetical order)

    Clifton & Lightcliffe
    Clifton & Lightcliffe B
    Elland Silver
    Friendly (Sowerby Bridge)
    Huddersfield & Ripponden
    Sellers Youth

    The Adjudicator for the contest will be Stuart Fawcett.

    The contest takes place on Sunday 23rd October at Berties Bistro Elland with the first band taking to the stage to commence at 10.00am, food and drink will be avaliable all day and admission will be £4.00 adults and £2.00 concessions.
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    Well done to everyone who participated in yesterday's contest.

    I would just like to say congratulations to the organisers of yesterdays contest. The new format and venue worked really well. It was a really nice atmosphere. The refreshments and bar facilities were also excellent.

    It would be great to see a few more bands taking part next year.
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    Are the results available please ?
  4. Terrible Timp

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    Thanks Sam, I will pass your comments on - Congratulations to you and Elland on the result yesterday

    The results were:-


    1. Elland (James Shepherd)
    2. Lindley (Neil Jowett)
    3. Slaithwaite (Tabby Clegg)

    Best Youth/Unregistered -Sellers Youth (Alex Kerwin)
    Best 3rd Section -Elland
    Best 4th Section -Clifton & Lightcliffe B (John Clay)
    Best March -Lindley

    Many thanks and well do to all bands competing yesterday.
  5. Terrible Timp

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    Or well DONE even !!!
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    Anyone know who's adjudicating this year?

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