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  1. Terrible Timp

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    The 19th Annual Pogson - Bray Trust Brass Band Contest takes place on Sunday 17th April at Whitcliffe Mount High School, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

    3 Sections :-

    Section C - Junior/Youth Bands
    Section B - 3rd & 4th Section Bands
    Section A - 1st,2nd, Championship Bands

    3 Verses from Red hymn book & own choice test piece

    More information

    Mr Alan Kaye
    WF12 0HP
    tel 01924 466611

    or pm myself
  2. MattB

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    I think my band, Littleborough Public, has already entered. I'm looking forward to it, the first time I'll have been either as player or MD. How many bands on average do you get?

    See you on the 17th!
  3. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    Can't remember how many last year usually 4-8 Bands a section it's a nice little contest
  4. ploughboy

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    yeah we had 7 bands last year in the 3/4 section, and we'll be there this year too! We are also trying to arrange with Alan that he can use our large percussion for the day so bands don't have to cart loads of gear about, watch this space.

    Also just to say what a really great contest this is, smoothly run and well officiated. And the prize money's ok too! Last year I think £300, £200 £150. Which is pretty good compered to some contests.

    See you all there.
  5. flugeldude666

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    Pogson Bray

    woo sellers won again

    horbury did good 2 and i think they deserved it more than us but hey tahts how it goes


    4 bands was a bit depressing so more bands should enter so COME ON GET OFF UR CHEEKS AND ENTER
  6. The Results in the other sections -

    Section 'B'

    1. Slaithwaite
    2. Emley
    3. Linthwaite
    4. Skelmenthorpe 'B'
    5. Gawthorpe
    6. Golcar
    7. Littleborough.

    n.b. the lower places are pieced together from what I know from friends in other bands, my apologies of i'm wrong but i'm 95% sure they're sound.

    Section 'A'

    1. Meltham & Meltham Mills
    2. Strata

    A great day yet again, thanks to the organisers and commitee that put this contest on, with a great hall to play in and comfortable surroundings this should be a better attended contest, Put it on your calanders for next year!!

    Well done to all the winners, Sellers deserved there victory in the 'C' section, The adjudicator for the day was Mr. Stephen Tighe.

  7. HorniKaz

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  8. auntie liz

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    Missing Trophy

    Hi All
    We Won The Junior Section(sellers)but We Seem To Have The Wrong Cup Can All Winners From Sunday (pogson And Bray)check There Trophys And Let Us Know If You Have The Wrong One.
  9. becks164

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    well done sellers thats ace, i bet your all well chuffed you won, its been a long time and you deserve it, i was speaking to some ppl who were at manchester last wkend and said you sounded ace!!! roll on whit friday
  10. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member


    The trophies presented on Sunday are correct and would winners please ensure that no transfer of trophies between winning bands takes place without my authorisation

    Any Further queries contact me on

    01924 466611
  11. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    Has any band who was there on sunday picked up a Tam Tam beater (gong) Stick up by mistake ? We (EMLEY 2nd PLACE SECTION B) have lost it and wondered if anyone had seen it ! it isn't the bands it belongs to our MD Garry and has the initials GH on the handle

    if anyone knows anything let me know (pm me)

  12. Mark Bousie

    Mark Bousie Member

    Shouldn't this thread be in the 'Adjudicator's Comments'?

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