Pogson-Bray Contest 2007

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    The 21st Annual Pogson-Bray Trust Contest takes place this year on Sunday 1st April at Whitcliffe Mount School, Cleckheaton.

    There are 3 Sections :-

    Section C - For Junior Bands
    Section B - For 3rd & 4th Section Bands
    Section A - For Championship, 1st and 2nd Section Bands

    Sections C & B play 3 verses of any hymn out of the Red hymn book followed by an own choice test peice, Section A bands play a contest march followed by an own choice test peice.

    Bands need to be a member of the Huddersfield Association HOWEVER a day membership can be obtained for £5.00 along with the entry fee (Sections C £20.00, Sections B & A £25.00)

    There are still plenty of places available for the contest, anyone wishing for further information please PM me (for contact details of Contest Controller).

  2. Terrible Timp

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    I can now on behalf of the Trust Committee announce the competing bands for this Sundays Contest :-

    Section C -

    Gawthorpe Youth
    Scisset Youth
    Sellers International Youth

    Section B -

    Dodworth MW
    Innovate Skelmathorpe B
    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield

    Section A -

    Meltham & Meltham Mills
    United Co-Op Yorkshire

    The draw will take place around 9.30am, with the first in the youth section (C) hopefully taking to the stage at 10am.

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