Pocket Trumpet - feature query...

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Will the Sec, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Did a search on 'high f# key' - 'twould appear that its an additional feature on some saxes....:confused:

    Have no idea what a sax key would be doing on a trumpet (and couldn't see it in the pics either), but I suspect someone's made a bit of a mistook, and the rest have copied it
  3. Will the Sec

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    It's that simple.
    If you want a pocket trumpet to attach to the wall, buy it, if you want one to play - get a decent make (Kanstul make a very nice one).

    If it is priced cheaply, there is probably a reason.
  5. Will the Sec

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    Yeah, but Mike, you have to bear in mind I am a Tuba player.

    My attempts at playing a trumpet would at best be comical, so shelling out for more than a cheap item would be (a) a waste of my money, and (b) insulting to real trumpet players...
  6. satchmo shaz

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    I've got an Amati pocket trumpet and its great!!:)
  7. rutty

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    I have a Stagg pocket trumpet. It's surprisingly well made for the price, though I suspect the weak points are probably the valves. They work fine, just need a bit of looking after. I got mine so that I could take it with me when I visited my sister in Canada - much better than lugging a ruddy-great cornet case over.

    I got mine from this guy:


    There's a feature for asking questions about auctions. If you're not sure then use that.
  8. The Cornet King

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    I have a Jupiter pocket trumpet and dont have any problems at all with it.
    It blows very nicely, has the occasional tuning problem when i get to notes like Top A but what cornets dont?

    I think they're fab little things and well worth getting.
  9. Thirteen Ball

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    Is a pocket trumpet like a normal trumpet but just wound up tighter? I've seen them in shops but never dared ask!

    I seem to remember playing A BB that was like that once. Same size as an Eb but coiled up like a spaghetti dinner. Lovely tone to it as well but distorted something horrible up top.
  10. The Cornet King

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    Yeh a Pocket trumpet is in Bb so exactly the same pitch as a normal Bb trumpet, only its put into a much smaller space.
  11. Steve

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    The pocket cornet is not simply a small BBb cornet, it was designed because..........

    Following a safety concern for the Mbuti tribe of rainforest people in Zaire, Africa a tribe were evacuated to Johannesburg in South Africa. Due to their unfamiliarity with the Western culture (they couldnt hunt) they found solace in their other favourite pastime of music but due to their size (they are pygmies, about 4 foot tall) they struggled with many instruments.

    In an attempt to integrate the Mbuti into their new surroundings, funding was made available for the production of downsized modern day instruments and the pocket trumpet was one of the instruments produced.

    Thats the shortened version anyway.

    See, I do know some stuff :D
  12. Will the Sec

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    Now there's a thought... A pocket BBb Bass! :biggrin:

    That's probably a Courtois - I have one, but without the upper register problems......
  13. brassneck

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    - seems that you are correct! There are mechanisms on flutes and saxes to produce a high F# that would play in tune ... but it's a pocket trumpet for sale, not a keyed bugle!


  14. Thirteen Ball

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    I doubt it was anything as classy as a courtois. It was as old as the hills! I seem to remember someone telling me they were made for junior bands cos li'l lads and lasses couldn't cope with full size BBb Tubas. That's probably why the top register was rubbish cos nothing's ever written up high for junior band tuba anyway.

    And it really was awful. Almost a semitone flat on a top C (Although that could have been the player! :oops: )

    Rasped like a bass trombone when you pushed it low too! Hilarious!
  15. MickM

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    Well, It arrived today! I've gone and bought one and i'm amazed :eek:

    For £69 i've got a nice red pocket cornet/trumpet with a 7c mouthpiece, in a well padded and lined case, and a bag with two white cotton gloves and a polishing cloth included.

    It plays really well, infact i can't put the b****y thing down.
    I would like to put a cornet mouthpiece in it, but it's a trumpet shank! do they still make those little adapters/reducer things? i used to have one rolling about in a drawer somewhere, but i can't for the life of me find it!

    Get's a :tup from me!
  16. brassneck

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    - eBay has a couple of Wick mouthpieces with adapters (erm, one DW2 that is stuck inside adapter) for sale at this precise moment!