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    Bb Basses Required: Pleasley Band competes after 10 years absence

    :clap: We are looking for Bb basses to help our recently formed band in the 4th Section at the Area 2008. In 2006 the band was down to 6 players we have now a band of 19 players. We have worked really hard over the past 18 months and will also be celebrating 125 years this year. No busy rehearsal schedules. Based near Mansfield and about 10 minutes from J29 on M1.
    Can you help give me a call - 0116 2354672:clap:
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    Really good to see another band fighting back, brilliant. Hopefully 2008 will be the year for brass bands
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    Well done to all of you.
    I remember watching Pleasley Band competing at the Nottingham Open Contest in the top section many years ago (1964??)
    I think they were conducted by David and Brian Eggleshaws Dad.
    Nice to see a good old band name making a return.
    - Wilkie
  4. Di B

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    Good to see the band back as well as yourself and Dave, Helen. If I pop to the midlands areas I may well see you in the bar.

    As for free bass players.... I'll drop you a note with any I can think of.
  5. jim

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    More great news, bands you think are dead or none exsitent are very often not defunct just shows what hard work and passion can do. all the best
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    What fantastic news! :clap::clap::clap:

    It's always good to hear that a band has managed to get themselves back on track after hard times such as this. Very encouraging stuff!!!!
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    yeah well done to all involved!! what about asking the locla bands who dont contest?
    Holymoorside, Killamarsh etc

    All the best Sharon:clap:
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    Absolutley to echo previous posts, congrats especially at such a milestone.


  9. Just like to agree with all the other posts.I had many a happy year at pleasley.also some massive hangovers .Great memories at Blackpool at the miners contest and skegess miners camp.Good to see em back.
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    Sorry to be a pain I need to update my message about Pleasley and not sure how to do it Can anyone help

    You can't, so just post a new reply in this thread . . . . . (RT)
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    Thanks for the advice RT

    Pleasley Band are pleased to annouce the signings of 6 players which includes 3 percussionists, 2 back row cornets and John Yarker on prinicpal euphonium, who has transfered from Carlton. We are also waiting on a decision from soprano player due to our own getting a new job and not being able to have the time off.

    However we are still short on the bass section and 1 front row and 1 back row. If anyone is interested please get in touch asap.



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    Good luck on your quest! Chapel band was reformed just over 3yrs ago with only six players, now we have a full band. It takes time, patience and being at the right place al the right time! Well done on your regeneration.
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    We are looking for Soprano, 2 front row cornets, 1 back row cornet and 1 Bb Bass

    Friendly 4th Section Band - rehearse Tuesdays 8pm - 10pm at Pleasley Miners Welfare Band.

    Celebration Concert 10 October 2008 - 125 years

    Playing at Butlins 2009 and the Area.

    Come and see for yourself what a friendly band we are and how we have come back from 6 players.

    Contact Helen 0116 2354672 for a chat or visit the website

    Go on contact us you know you want to - look forward to hearing from you
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