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    I have currently set up a Youtube channel to try and promote my solo work. Please visit my Channel by clicking here. Please comment and rate my video(s).

    I am hoping that my solo work will lead to a sponsor or something which means I can record an album which is my absoloute dream.

    Thanks guys!
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  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Start saving - it's not that expensive ;)

    The link doesn't work for me.....just takes me to the You Tube front page.
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    am sorry about the link..... search for Mr Benjamin George with no spaces and let me know if it works.

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    Ben, I don't wish to dampen your spirit, but you should be aware that there are a lot of good players out there. Before trying to be soloist, I recommend you concentrate on becoming a good band euphonium player. I don't wish to be in any way disrespectful to your band, but the first rung of the ladder should be for you to try and get a seat in a better band. That way, you will pick up so much from the more experienced players around you - it is much better for you to be an average player in a good band than the best player in a bad one.

    By all means chase your dream but it may be better for you to aim for smaller targets - join a better band, get a principal seat in that band, play a few solos, enter a few solo competitions, join a top section band etc etc.

    I really don't want to hurt your feelings at all, I'm simply giving you the benefit of my own experience. It's an awfully long way up to the top - I know, I'm still not there yet!
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    Ah! That'll be the tMP bleeper kicking in and 'starring' out rude words!!!
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    I wondered why it was putting stars in the URL :p
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    Good advice from Bass trumpet...
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    Cloud Cuckoo land
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    whats that supposed to mean?
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    I think he just means take note of the advice above from bass trumpet..........
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    Well you have to start somewhere, so i am!
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    Solo Euph youtube

    Sorry ben -I have to agree with my old friend Bass Trumpet. I have spent nearly twenty years in top flight banding and have played with the best - Morgan Griffiths,David Childs, Dave Thornton and Glyn Williams to name but a few and to honest you must learn to walk before you can run - I have listened to a couple of your solos on youtube and can't really see the star quality that all the players above display from even an early age! One thing that Malcolm forgot to advise was a good teacher - My playing was completely transformed in twelve months once I got a top class teacher and that is definately the first step you must make if you are serious about this venture. Be prepared for many hours long practise -these guys make it look easy but they have put the hard work in to get them to where they are today! Good luck.
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    Yeh, I agree with basebonetone. Based on what I've seen on youtube, I don't think you have the sparkle quality the likes of Dave Childs or Glyn Williams had when they were your age. (There are videos of young Glyn on youtube). It's kind of like acting - always wanting to become a Hollywood star and the disappointment of failure. Would you really want to become a euphonium soloist?

    I'm 19, my standard of euph playing would be near enough to yours, possibly less. I can see at this early stage that my ability is fairly limited, sure - I can produce a sweet tone and play Carnival of Venice or Grandfather's Clock, but my feet are firmly on the ground. Quote Les Beevers (Diggle Band, previously Dobcross Band) "one must not give in to fantasy."
    My own aspirations (given that I'm pursuing a career in the private sector at Uni) are to become a respected, solid and reliable euph player. I aim to play solo seat for a Second Section band and do the occasional solo at a concert of relative difficulty.
    I'm currently sourcing a teacher from a Championship band to tutor me on breathing (the whole "playing from the stomach" technique) and double/triple tonguing etc.

    Please do not take offence to any of the above.