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    Entries wanted for the Forest!

    The 1st Annual Forest of Dean, Solo, Duet, Quartet and Ensemble Contest is set to take place in July, so get your entries in straight away.
    Forest of Dean: 1st Annual Solo, Duet, Quartet and Ensemble Contest

    VENUE: Lakers School, Berry Hill, Nr Coleford, Glos
    DATE: Sunday 9th July 2006
    TIME: 9.30am
    ADJUDICATORS: Andy Culshaw and Lyndon Price

    CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Friday 16th June


    Under 11: slow melody
    11 to 14: slow melody
    15 to 18: slow melody
    Open: slow melody

    Under 11: air and variations
    11 to 14: air and variations
    15 to 18: air and variations
    Open: air and variations


    Under 11: brass duet
    11 to under 16: brass duet
    Adult and child under 16: brass duet
    Open: brass duet

    QUARTET CLASSES: (standard brass band instruments only)

    Under 14: brass quartet
    14 to under 18: brass quartet
    Open: brass quartet

    ENSEMBLE CLASSES: (minimum of 5 players, maximum of 20)

    Under 14: brass ensemble
    Under 18: brass ensemble
    Open: brass ensemble


    Kristyann Symonds, Calder House, George Road, Yorkley, Glos, GL15 4TL, P: 01594 562778,
    Courtesy of: 4BarsRest
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    It would help if things were posted in the correct forum! ;)

    Moved from the Rehearsal Room................
  3. QAD

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    Cheers GingerMaestro,
    Time to dust down the ol' cornet and the Wight and Round air varies - looking forward to it and hoping this will turn into an annual event.
  4. Kiz7

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    Get Your Entries In Quick!

    Just a reminder that the closing date for entries for this exciting new venture is Friday 16th june (next Friday) so get your entries in soon all of you who have received schedules. if anyone hasn't had a shedule but would like one - PM me quick and we will sort it out for you!

    p.s. don't worry about it being the World Cup Final - if our first match was anything to go by we won't have any home interest in the match! (Will sort a TV out at the venue for interested parties anyway)
  5. Kiz7

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    haven't had your entry yet Huw! Nor any of the bands - shame on you all! Perhaps the quartet are scared of going up against my youngsters????

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