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    :twisted: Hollingworths AMD is Leaving after a player up date plerase leave a message for him !!!!!

    Here is the Latest up to Date Job Personell sheet 18 months ago they had five players!

    Principal Cornet:- Mike Greaves
    2nd Tutti Cerid Grimshaw
    3rd Tutti Ricky erm dont know
    4th Tutti BI Mike
    5th Tutti Benji Lyons
    Repiano David V Fletcher THE ONE THE ONLY 1 ha ha
    2nd Repiano Colin Greaves
    2nd Cornet Iain Shaw
    2nd Cornet Guy Fawkes Brannigan Sk8r BOI
    3rd Cornet Kerry BABE Maxwell
    3rd Cornet Amber Maxwell
    Flugel Horn Amanda Greaves
    Solo Horn Colin Cheshire
    1st Horn Heather Robinson
    1st Horn Jenni erm not sure
    2nd Horn Micheal Shaw
    2nd Horn Edward Shaw
    1st Baritone Dennis ERM
    2nd Baritone Elaine Shaw
    2nd Euphonium James Merrett ( GUESTING PERMANTLY)
    Solo Euphonium Christopher Cutts
    Solo Trombone Mathew Brannigan
    2nd Trombone Barry Ogden (Guesting TEMP unitl ARMY)
    Bass Trombone Stuart ERM NOT 2 Sure
    Eb Bass Ray Coulson
    Eb Bass Matthew HAve IT
    Bb Bass Jimmi the Slapper Griffiths heheheh Guests sometimes
    Bb Bass Edward the Donk
    Percussion Dave Pragnall
    Percussion Alan Cragg

    MD Peter Bald One Branigan
    AMD Bazz the Daddy Ogden (again)
    Band Sergant Davie V Fletcher
    Chairman Roy Miller ( MILLIONAIRE WHOOPEE)
    Secretary Glynis Coulson
    Secretary Elaine Shaw
    Treasurer Sheila Siggers
    Mascot Donna Bazza's Blow Up Doll

    PLEASE READ THIS and POst Any tHing U want To our AMD BAzza
    as he is leaving on the 3rd of May to go to Knellar hall as a bandsman

    He Will Print tHis as a Leaving card from the outside band world and messages will be read at his leaving concert on the 25th of April at Delph Band Club 7.30

    PLease Leave any Message u Like Under The Rules Of TMP FUNNY ONES ESPECIALLY!!!
    BArry Ogden played For The Salvation Army, Denton Brass, Hollingworth and guested with many bands all which he made good friends please leave him a message even if u dont know him or we will have a quiet speech hahahaha
    :twisted: [/b]
  2. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    Ermm...Right hear goes. I'll start the ball rolling.
    Very best wishes for the future,
    Mark Wears, Pennine Brass.
    I'm not too sure how much you had to drink before you made the posting(!) but its nice to hear about a Band that was struggling a few years ago back to full strength.

    All the best.
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