Please peruse my euphonium solo . . . .

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by TonyW, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    . . . . the duration of which is 8-1/2 minutes, and has full brass band accompaniment. The first three who want to perform this work (in the Albert Hall ;)?) shall receive a complimentary set of score and parts. Similarly, to any player & band who wishes to record the work for any well known CD label - this also comes with the offer of a pint for every band member. Thereafter, a cost of £39 including shipping to UK is requested.

    Please click the link here:

    This is my computer realisation, which is in mp3 format.

    Thank you colleagues,
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  3. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    If it's still going I wouldn't mind a go, please. Thanks!!:)
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  4. wagger-g

    wagger-g Member

    Good luck

    :tup I hope your generous offer is enthusiastically take up. For what it's worth I like it.
  5. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    Euph Solo

    Thank you kindly, wagger_g

  6. catto09

    catto09 Member

    I'll take a free copy if it's still going! :p. My only question is: Does it have a tutti euph part?

  7. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    Hello catto, It`s still going, so if you can send me your e-mail address I can send you a pdf and a rehearsal mp3 tomorrow, Friday. The rest of the score/pts I`ll be able to post to you in about a week`s time - I`ll also need a postal address.

    There isn`t a 2nd Euph pt - I thought I`d give the 2nd Euph the opportunity to listen to the maestro :). It`s also best not to have another Euph cluttering up your finest moments ;).

    If you and the MD like it, my only proviso will be to ask the band to perform it at an indoor concert (in Aberdeen perhaps?)

    I`ll attach the euph pdf & mp3 tomorrow irrespective of your eventual decision.


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