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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by the.egg, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. the.egg

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    I'm currently expieriencing a bit of a nightmare!
    I'm an A2 music student from Sheffield and I've got my recital examination tomorrow :eek: To cut a very long and stressful (!) story short.. as things are going now I don't actually have an accompanist. Does anybody, by chance, happen to know a good accompanist from Sheffield that would be free tomorrow afternoon (3.20pm is the time i'm due on).
    I'm playing Mozart's 3rd horn concerto...
    Any help or advice would be very much greatly appreciated!!
  2. Alisop

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    In the event that you can't find an accompanist and as a very last resort can you get a backing track?

    Good Luck with everything!
  3. sevenhelz

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    do you know anyone at the uni you could ask?
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  5. jonesbp

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    Hi Mr Egg,
    How did it go? Did you find an accompanist?
  6. the.egg

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    Thanks for everyone's help :)
    It went ok in the end.. surprisingly! Spent nearly all of Wednesday phoning round.. and as a last resort ended up rehersing with my teacher accompanying me at 10pm.. she did a great job though.. the most scary part turned out to be when i reached the cadenza (which me being my organised self had only recieved an hour before) and realised that I'd left the sheet in the other room, and had to make one up on the spot :S
    Just relieved that it's over!