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    Hi all TMPers .Please take a look at this and vote to help my daughters youth band.

    Macclesfield Youth Brass Band needs the support of the brass band community to try and win an award worth up to £6000.

    They have been nominated for a NatWest Community Award along with 44 other community projects in Cheshire. The band is currently in 3rd place and need more votes to be in with a chance of winning. VOTES mean PRIZES. For full details about the band and to vote go to More

    or you can ring your vote in on 0800 2100 246 Lines open 24/7.

    Thanks to everyone who can help.

    Kind regards

    Louise Renshaw

    t: 01625 617613
    m: 07980 399885

    Please VOTE for Macclesfield Youth Brass Band NOW
    Help us win an award from Nat West Community Force
    Voting ends 23rd October 2011


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