Please challenge the 3rd cornet

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by toptutti, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    I find myself playing 3rd cornet in the fourth section and am looking for music to challenge me in this position

    There's only so many hours I can stand going de dum and never getting above middle G

    help me before I go mad
  2. leisa

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    Why not join a higher section band? Or if you don't want to leave your current band ask if you can move onto a more challenging seat?
  3. sudcornet

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    My favourite position.

    The most challenging 3rd Cornet (although actually Cornet Eight) part I ever played was Wilby's Vienna Nights (world premiere at Symphony Hall) - might not be too suitable for a 4th Section band tho'.

    I think you should use all your ability whichever position you play in. (Quality and Musicality). It might only be 3rd Cornet to some people but I always strove to be the best 3rd Cornet player.

    (It was only the world premiere 'cos we were drawn #1)

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  4. Matt Lawson

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    After playing front row for years on end, I'm actually enjoying the challenge of playing back row again with Emley.

    You might think it's easy and not challenging enough - but until you can get every single bottom D and C# in tune, every time, there's still something to work on!
  5. omega56

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    Well I think most cornet players have been there seemingly stuck on "um chucks" forever I know I did for several years until someone moved up to front row and I went on to 2nd cornet, the strange thing is,after now playing on front row I find it really hard to play back row stuff it is an art unto itself. At Christmas when we are carolling our band swaps around the solo cornet parts to the back row players and vice versa and some of those 3rd cornet arrangements ( the famous Green book) are excellent, stick with it, just remember the worlds top soloistsall started on back row !:)
  6. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    I always put maximum effort into anything put on the stand and am enjoying the test piece but looking through the rest of the pad I seem to have more bars rest than I play, and a lot of that is bar after bar of after-beats.

    What happened to the interesting music that challenged me and drove me to be a better player last time I played 3rd some 20 years ago in a little band called Flint, sadly no more
  7. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    and I've had to learn how to count again!
  8. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    You could get something like Grand March From Aida. That would suit a 4th section band and is pretty good for the back row!
  9. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    I "sort of" know the feeling, but when I first gravitated to 3rd Cornet from a "lifetime" on EFlat Bass, I found getting the trigger use correct to end the torturous E flats & D flats, and shifting enough tongue into and out of that tiny mouthpiece fast enough to play "Death or Glory" challenging enough for a time! Add to various parts with odd clashing notes on the back row and the occasional weird intervals which were also something I really wasn't used to after decades of belting out the tonic & dominant, now I think about it, even 3rds & 4ths were funny to pitch! ;-)

    Soon after, and on 2nd Cornet (it was nice to get ON the stave, not below it!), I remember playing an arrangement of "Repton" where the 2nd Cornet had a stonking refrain of the melody, nicely located mainly above the stave so it seemed. That was plenty challenge! Can't think who arranged it though. (Might it have been "Super 2nd," Alan Catherall writing a part intended to amuse himself?) My opinion of the stalwarts on the back row went up leaps and bounds. I even ended up playing Rep, so if an old Bass player can, anyone can.

    Pleased to get back on Tuba though, the stamina and constant lip weight-lifting(!) to be able to play through a whole concert was driving me mad!
  10. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Get some SA music - it only has solo, !st and second cornet!
  11. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    I’m afraid work commitments keep from attending all rehearsals and practicing as much as I would like so moving to a better band is awkward and it’s so much more relaxed down in the fourth section

    I find myself on the backbench to boost the younger/less experienced player and encourage them to progress. Difficult if the piece on the stand has seventy bars rest followed by nothing but legarto crochets on D and E till the ending pause

    There must be pieces out there to encourage the backbench without risking the wrath of the frontbench and the rest of the band
  12. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    It's probably languishing in the band library. If your MD is choosing pieces that don't present some sort of challenge, the younger/less experienced players have little chance of progressing. Perhaps a diplomatic chat with him is called for.
  13. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    Alas the old library I used to know when I last played back row is like the old band, no more and the old memory fails me

    A chat is on the cards but I always like to make a couple of positive suggestions
  14. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    Do a Solo or a Cornet feature. What not choose something to really challenge you and get your band to accompany you.
  15. Ryan06

    Ryan06 Member

    You may think that your part is not important and not challenging but every part is important to the band, just remember that. Would the song still sound the same or different without that 3rd part?
  16. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    I know all parts are important and the contribution from the back row adds a lot to any piece but after looking in the pad at the music we’ll be playing after next Sunday a lot seems to be counting for most of the piece

    I know there’s music out there to spice up the 3rd cornet which will encourage our younger players but I just can’t recall any
  17. Angoose

    Angoose Member

    I'm not really sure what kind of range we are looking at here level wise but I think "Padstow Lifeboat" has quite a good 3rd cornet part. It was a test peice, and the 3rd cornets have the tune through quite a few bars. There are also one or two grace notes or runs to keep you amused. But like most 3rd cornet parts, unlike Circumnavigator, it doen't generally go much higher than a C.
  18. robcornet

    robcornet Member

    I play 3rd cornet with Barton Town Band after moving from The Cottingham Band a couple of months ago and after playing 2nd cornet with Cottingham for the past 2 years I find it easier. Although I have to say the test peice we are doing Three Part Invention has some challenging bits in it, not enough to scare me but enough to keep me interested. It gets more interesting the higher the section you play in.

    I would encourage you to get Born Free out for your band as back row has the tune in that one and a good one for you to show your talents off!:clap:

    Just remember what I was told by the late Fred Muscroft, the back row as are important as the front!;)
  19. bbg

    bbg Member

    Sorry that you're finding 3rd a bit of a chore, toptutti. I am very much the "old man" of our teenage back-row, and find "anchoring" the section from bottom chair enjoyable and challenging. As previous posters have said, tuning all these lovely low notes with triggering is a challenge (art even?) in itself, particularly in some larger works where 2nd/3rds often play in unison with solo horn, or even (as in our current 2nd section test piece, the much discussed Three Part Invention) with the soprano for a couple of exposed bars. Try the 3rd parts for Tam o' Shanter, Vizcaya etc - not a lot of umchucks there! I usually move around the section at Christmas jobs and would also agree that the lower parts in some of the cheesy stuff are actually far more interesting than the melodies!
  20. vulcan

    vulcan New Member

    Re:Not all boring

    We are a 3rd section band in which I am one of the 3rd cornet players.
    "Gaelforce" is challenging for 3rd cornet as is "Purcell Variations" in many places."Quo Vardis" too.
    3rd cornet parts at one time were the means of entering the band for younger players as the parts were easy enough for beginners.
    NOT THESE DAYS.....the 3rd cornet is given more to do and in a lot of pieces,have their work cut out.