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    My name is John Harris (alias Blinddogjohn) and I am a bandaholic. I manage to control my urges to play cornet by going to Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band in Ironbridge. They have put me on Rep. This may mean something to a brass band person but as this is my first "seat" in a very good first section band I am still a little naieve.

    I was a trumpet player in a previous life and a Head of Music in a couple of local schools until 5 years ago when I was registered as blind.

    Naturally this got in the way of playing somewhat and I gave up.

    My son pestered me saying whats the use of a degree and ARCM's if you just give up.

    Fair comment!!! So with my guide dog taking the lead I went to my old youth band which is now Wolverhampton Brass Band.

    They kindly gave me a cornet and I managed to enlarge the music so I could make out some of the notes. As I played more I found I could work out more notes. I really enjoyed being back in the real world again so I bought myself a cornet and got out my old Arban. A few months later I played for Sovereign Brass in Smethwick and did my first concert back at the Symphony Hall B'ham.

    I put an advert on tmp saying I was available and got in touch with Jackfield and have finally signed.

    I did my first contest this weekend at Butlins Skegness. Yes I was the prat with the guide dog!! We came fourth in the first section. I'm told this was a good result.

    Obviously I am not totally blind yet and as long as I have the little sight I have I will continue to go banding. It really is a new lease of life I thought I would never have.

    I support Liverpool like real ales and would like to play like Jim Shepherd but at least I have a purpose to life again and am planning to do a diploma on cornet when I have mastered the repertoire. I have alredy played 2 solos with Wolverhampton "Nightingale" and "grandfathers clock" (yes I know!!)

    I hope to see you at future contests and if you see a cornet player with a guide dog it may be me so be kind and say hello.

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    :hi to tMP John. Its great to see that your enjoying banding, and you've already had a decent result from your first contest. I hope that tMP and banding give you many hours of enjoyment.

    Hope catch you around at some contests - I guess the regionals will be the next opportunity. If I see you I'll come and say hello.

    Oh, and you might find a few other tMPers share you football team...there's a thread on here somewhere, but I'm not sure that it gets that many views...;)
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    Hi John, i had the pleasure of listening to you play a solo at the Ironbridge festival last year.
    Its great to see that your settled in with Jackfield they are a great band.

    As for the football team. well i wont go into that!

    Craig the bluenose!!!
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    Hello John, and welcome. What a cracking first post. Until recently my wife was the Music Librarian for the National Library for the Blind in Stockport and I'm always amazed, and humbled, by the number of seriously talented blind and partially sighted musicians there are in the country. :clap:

    Oh and just so you know, Repiano Cornet is the most important seat in the cornet section (and therefore, by definition, the whole band). Don't let any jumped up front row players tell you otherwise.;)
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    Hi John!

    I see that you want to play like James Shepherd! - Well I can tell everyone that your rendition of "The Nightingale" that we now put on at our conerts would do even him proud! - Absolutley cracking playing!