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  1. Can anyone help, please? My son and his mate want to play the duet "Playmates" at a school music competition. They were hoping to play it with piano accompaniment and the mate's Dad was going to try and make up a piano part from the conductor's score. I've looked in our band library, and there isn't a score and the librarian says that he doesn't think that one was published. Does anyone know if
    a) there is a score to go with it, or
    b) if there is a piano accompaniment available?

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    Isn't it in The Soloists Compendium? I've looked for mine but I can't find it(Its probably still in hiding traumatised after my last attempt at La Belle....)

    Anyway if it is there should be a piano part written for it.
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    It was in the Soloist's Companion.....but the thing about the (original) piano part doesn't always hold...remember the "My Old Kentucky Home" thread?

    Not seen a piano part on my travels - used to play it years ago with a Band....can't remember if there was a score though....I've a feeling it will have been a Soloist / Conductor copy.
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    Funnily enough I stumbled across that thread while trying to find info on the soloists compendium. Having never played that solo with piano it didn't really mean much to me!!

    Incidentally Google was strangely unhelpful when searching for this - I tried all sorts of keywords, but apart from the thread you mention there was nothing else?? :confused: I was starting to wonder if I'd dreamt the whole thing!

    You may well be right, but I'm sure when my Mum bought me this when I was a lad (you know, about two years ago!) it came with a book of piano parts. I'm also sure I remember playing this with a mate at a school concert with piano accompaniment.

    I dunno, I'm confused. Perhaps its time for bed!
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    Mine belonged to my Dad - it was printed on papyrus :D

    Don't get me wrong - there could well have been a piano part - I've just never seen it, nor heard it.
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    Well I can be of absolutely no help whatsoever but I wish you the best of luck in finding said piano part, it's a lovely, cheery piece and I would imagine it would go down very well :)
  8. playmates!!

    Just found out you have to be pretty careful when typing "playmates" into a search engine!! Got some very strange results!:sup :oops:
  9. Aah, the "wrong type of playmates" excuse again!!!!

    Everyone (well blokes), know they are most certainly the right kind of playmates!!!!

    Andy, being most unhelpful.
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    Looks like some "parental" locks are required on your pc squire! :rolleyes:
  11. Sorted now, thanks. Managed to get a piano acc from Sarnia Music.
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    That's quite interesting.....I'm sure they provided a piano accompaniment for the Rimmer My Old Kentucky Home that's also in The Soloist's Companion (there's another thread on this).....I wonder if they've gone through the book looking for things that don't have 'real' parts...?