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    I have found out what my main difficulty is with my playing. It seems that it's not that i can't play rhymic stuff, but rather that i have a confidence issue. When i am praticing at home i am good, when i play at a concert i am good, but when i play in the bandroom at rehearsal i am not as good. It's as though i am afraid of making mistakes in a confined space (people will notice more).
    Does that make sense?

    Yvonne x
  2. Rapier

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    Of course it makes sense. Top C on my tenor horn every time at home. In the band room, not a hope! :oops:
  3. 2nd man down

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    I'm the other way around unfortunately...I can usually do it in the band room no problem...put me on a stage and I'm a nervous wreck. It's so annoying. :mad:
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    Hi vonny!

    Mind over matter

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    Hey rich - how are you doing?

    Thank you :biggrin:
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    im not too bad vonny, living in Liverpool now... university! How you?
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    I'm ok at the top C in the's the Bb on the way down again that always foxes me!! Think i'm dead clever hitting the top one and then show myself up because I can't do the (easier) one after it! :redface:
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    Nice one Rich, so you decided on Liverpool then (Good choice). Is it English you are studying?

    I am doing ok thank you, i have just started the pgce at The University of Bolton (advertising for the newest uni in the North :biggrin: ) I have been posted to a college tho, and this week it's half-term, which i wouldn't get at uni - so that's good eh?

    Nice to hear from you, and i hope you enjoy your studies.

    Yvonne x
  16. ian perks

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    As our current Conductor as always said "GO FOR IT, if you make a ****S of it so what"

    At least you have tied and the conductor can help you put it right what evethe problem is.
    700th post!:biggrin:
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    it's a tough position to be in. Everyone gets nervous though, and personally I used to be worse in the band room. To get over it, I had to think about how many other people make mistakes, which in turn made me realise that I made relatively few. That helped in the bandroom, but then you realise how nervous you actually get on stage! So I generally drink hot tea or coffee in rehearsal to simulate on stage conditions, as well as wearing a jacket sometimes to get used to the restriction, and not drinking too much water sometimes (to get used to the dehydration of the stage), and then too much other times (if you've ever needed the toilet on stage, you'll know how off-putting that condition can be!).

    Anyway, these are just techniques I use.
  18. Indeed

    Neil_Glynn can back this anecdote up ...

    A while back, i was playing the solo bass in the ballroom on bass trom and in the cadenza i decided to be cocky and hit a top B flat, a note which i can hit very securely in the bandroom ... however, i was scaling up to it and i could feel my lip going and low and behold after a rather shaky A natural, the B flat split. I managed to lip up to it eventually and pretended it was part of the act (mainly by pretending it was the trombones fault and pulling out a valve slide) not only did none of the audience notice it, neither did the band.

    So now when you go for your top notes think of me splitting it and managing to fool everyone ... the trick is relax. the more stressed you get, the more tense you become and you need the full support of your diaphragm to get the notes and when you're tense and scared the support isn't there

    O.K., so not being scared is difficult when you're stood up in front of all those people, all who are listening to you. However, think about it this way.

    You are up there because you can play your solo and to be 'allowed' to play a solo in a concert you must have played it in the bandroom. Why is playing your solo in front of people sat down listening different to playing in the bandroom with people sat down playing along? You can already play in front of 24 people and 24 musicians at that! ...

    That's my way of thinking anyway
  19. Crazysop

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    I totally agree with this.

    Go for it Vonny!

    The band room is the best place to go for it because if it goes wrong, so what! Give it some wellie!
    I think it is better to give it a go, (play confidently even if you don't feel at all confident) and maybe make a fine mess of it, but more likely than not playin well. You never know, you may surprise yourself!!!
  20. tam-tam2

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    I always say to myself,if you can play it once anywhere you can play correctly at all times. You can practise something so much that it NEVER goes wrong but that's for the professionals I think. You just have to go for it and hope you pull it off!! Confidence, confidence, confidence!! Remember sop top c# in Prisms, I had a go, hit it in rehearsal but missed on have to think it's possible and then take it when it goes wrong. You try your best and that is all the band, supporters and maybe the adjudicators can think of you!! aLL THE BEST!!

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