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    Hi all.

    Just a small question about the possibilty of playing music bought from at concerts and contests. Obviously the parts will be printed from PC as would the score. Would adjudicators/contest organisers accept this? :confused:
  2. PeterBale

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    I don't see that it should be a problem, as the usual criteria, if any is stipulated, is that music played must be "published", and I reckon that making music commercially available via the internet should satisfy that requirement.
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    The youth band that my daughter plays for played Francis Clifford's Film Music Suite at a couple of contest at the end of last year/start of this year. i bought the piece from Sibelius and to cover ourselves I emailed Francis and asked if it was okay to play it. He emailed back and said he would be delighted if we did, so we did and I gave a copy of the email to the band's conductor/secretary to submit if there were any queries. There weren't and the band really enjoyed playing it.
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    I see no problem at all... I have a sibelius homepage with 50 titles for brass ensemble & brass band and I would be happy if any one played some of that at a contest... When you buy music at sib music you buy the right to print the music and also the right to play the music at all times also in contests...

    By the way I will submit 2 new pieces (a la testpiece) after 21th of April. Composed for a brass band contest in Denmark.. So keep an eye on that.. :)

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