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    Hi All,

    Ive justed started teaching at a school in Reddish, Stockport and have a number of players whom im trying to get involved with bands outside of school. The players have only been playing a year or so and are around grade 2/3 standard. If any bands are interested plese let me know via pm

    thanks mw
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    Wow Mark that is so commendable, my old junior band has players in that have been playing 6 years and still on that far on. Excellent work. Best of luck finding bands to move them on even more.
  3. Have you spoke to anyone from Denton? I think they have a junior band.
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    Reddish have a band - they need building up, so new blood would help:D
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    Hi Mark

    Its great to see you trying to integrate children into a local band, I'm sure the bands will be grateful and your pupils will thrive.

    If any one on TMP teaches brass in Calderdale / Kirklees, Elland Training Band and Youth Band are always on the look out for youngsters no matter what standard or ability. We can also loan instruments from our Instrument Library.
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    I used to play in Poynton Youth, and they do have junior bands. They have three small groups up to grade 2ish standard, then an intermediate band of about 50players up to about grade 4/5 standard and then the main youth band.
    Stockport schools also have a brass band, although I'm not sure of the minimum standard there ...
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    Stockport Schools may be a little advanced for what Mark requires. In the good old days there was area bands (would have been ideal) that used to feed into the intermediate etc.... don't think Stockport has replaced them with anything although I could be wrong...?

    PS Hi Lizzie x
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    stockport schools have a jnr, intemidiate and senior band the junior band is from begginers+ i think if you go on there should more info there thou :redface:
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    Thanks to everyone who has sent me pm's over various bands. After speaking to the pupils they have said they would like to go to Reddish Band due to travel etc. Does anyone have any contact details for Reddish band as i have been u/a to find any (please pm )

    It amazes me that the number of players in bands are dropping where as the actual number of youngsters learing at school is on the increase. I come across quite a number of youngsters through my work and am alarmed at the number of pupils who are not playing in bands outside of school. when i ask them why? they nearly always say ive never been asked! I do appreciate that pupils do not always want to play in ensembles outside of school but perhaps if a number of them were encouraged to at least pay a visit to their local band they may like it and encourage others to join.
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    Hazel Grove Band are looking for players, they are very local and rehearse once a week on Thursady @ Hazel Grove Civic Hall. Contct Ian on 07751480221
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    Mmm, you may want to check that link there cos when I clicked on it I got the Star Spangled Big Band!!!!
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    I don't have a direct contact for Reddish band but they practice in the Church in the main street of Reddish, and they probably advertise in the local library.