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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by musicmaker, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. musicmaker

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    Due to ILL Health

    Due to ILL Health

    Ripon band needs a Rep & 3rd Cornet for the areas in Feb.

    Also due to work we have a space for 2nd Trom for the areas.

    We welcome any players for a blow, or anyone that wants to come for a listen and a drink after prac.

    The band is going upward and we want to carry on.

    Contact MD 01748 836354
  2. musicmaker

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    Players come in

    We now have a rep player and a perc player starting this week.

    Could still do with another perc player 3rd cornet and a 2nd trom.
  3. musicmaker

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    Perc player fell through. SO WE NEED SOME We have a young girls happy to try and put in the small parts but she and we need help.

    Trom seat coveredm, but still need Sop and 3rd cornet.


    We are a nice bunch WITH OUR OWN BAR.
  4. hey

    i would help out but only if your really desperate, and i would fint it hard fitting in time to get to practices 9hence you need to be really stuck)

    if you have no joy then get in touch, i'd like to do it but its the time i lack to do it, but we can sort something out maybe

    good luck anyway

    Robert Batty
  5. musicmaker

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    well we are near to full

    Ripon band is near full, with only the Sop seat spare and space for some perc players.

    We have a young girl who is havin a go but she needs some help. so come on, follow the band ALL THE WAY TO DARLINGTON.

    The band has many rehearsals up to the Areas with extra one here and there so come on Sop players and perc players.

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  6. musicmaker

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    Ripon Inly Needs Now

    We only need some perc now, we have a sop ready and raring to go.

    Thanks to rob batty for your interest and after the areas you’re welcome, but we really need some perc that can already play.

    The young girl I have talked about is doing well with the cymbal, tri and some of the wood B parts, but we need someone to lead her and also put in the snare parts timps ect.


  7. PlayerPete

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    We have managed to fill all our seats for the areas, lots of really nice people agreeing to help us out. Tam is starting to sound very good. We still have some vacancies for after the areas, so if you are interested let us know.

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