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  1. Rushden Town Band (4th section) have had one of those weeks! Two of our more "senior" players have had Doctor's orders to give up playing, 3 sixth formers are off to Uni & 2 Uni students have got other things to do. (studying?!)

    We have had a tough year starting with losing our club, lots of music & instruments & kit in a fire. But we have pulled together and found an excellent welcoming new rehearsal room (the local Working Men's Club!).

    We have nearly completed all our summer jobs, came 11th at the Area Contest (out of 24) & are about to start a Junior Section. We are in the process of buying a considerable amount of new music to replace what we lost & are also gradually buying new instruments. We have just taken delivery of a brand new percussion kit which is still in boxes waiting for the right player!

    If you want to be in at the start of our "rebuild" we would welcome any player, but especially cornets, baritone, trombone & bass.

    Please have a look at our website for more details or phone 07730285900.

    Thanks for looking
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    can't help on a permanent basis but if you need help on trom (bass prefereably) for any gigs give me a call.
  3. Thanks, that's really kind of you.

    Just come back from tonight's rehearsal - 3 new youngsters were there which has really given us all a boost!:clap: Here's hoping a few more come along next week!