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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by barrytone, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. barrytone

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    Looking for a band in the Yorkshire Area capable of accomodating a baritone player and an Eb bass player. Players concerned are currently playing in a band graded first section nationally and champ. section locally but are willing to consider offers from bands in any section who are willing to work hard and progress. Will be happy to provide further details to any bands that are interested, please pm me for more information.

  2. james80g

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    try us at Barnsley Building Society rehearse at wosborough, Barnsley.
    pm me and I'll pass the secretasy's number or goto
  3. fhorny

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    Ripon city band will welcome you with open arms!!!!!!!! We reherse tuesday and friday evenings 7.30 till 9.30, then we venture into the bar downstairs for a few pints. We are a third section band. Visit our website for more info at You can email us from there if you would like to come for a blow!
  4. richardcowens

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    take it u and ya sis are looking to jump ship, if u do you both will be a big loss to the band. good look in what ya choose.

    x x
  5. as ricks just said if its the case, then best wishes to both of you, as a former HB member myself, i know how both your dedication to the band has been and i'm sure you'll be missed by the band and if theres any bands out there looking for 2 very committed players then snap these 2 up, you wont go wrong!
  6. barrytone

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    Quick update, due to working patterns, players concerned now not looking for a band together. Any bands with vacancies or either Eb bass OR baritone please pm me for more information.

    Many Thanks
  7. MattB

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    Bands needed

    Hi Fran,

    I know of a certain band who would ALWAYS accomodate either baritone or Eb Bass!! Especially with players as good as the two looking to move....

    Hope things work out for you, but I'm wondering why you are moving on? Is it just time for a change?

  8. tat

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    Whitworth could accomodate either of you, tried sending a private message but your box is full!!!
  9. flower girl

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    hi, Lofthouse band are currently looking for a solo baritone player, we rehearse on a thurdsay night 7-9 and a sat morning 10-12, we are situated just 10 minutes outside of leeds and we are easily accessible by the motorway.
    We are performing in brassed off in november and we are also going on a tour of france in August, the band has a fantastic atmosphere and you are more than welcome to come along to a rehearsal.

    If your interested please call me on 07877 014420,

    thanks, Lisa
  10. robcornet

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    Not sure where you are based but Cottingham Band in East Yorkshire are looking for an Eb bass player. Pm me and will pass on details.
  11. barrytone

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    Eb bass player has found a band that he's joined, baritone player is still looking. Ideally band should be based in West Yorkshire although bands just over the border into Lancashire would also be near. Pm me for further details. Many Thanks.