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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Spanky Rear, Jul 11, 2004.

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    I have noticed whilst reading this and other Forums that Bands often have vacancies,while other neighbouring Bands may have 'a surplus' of players.Do Bands in the second category ever 'transfer' the surplus players to help the Bands with vacancies? I can see why they might not want to[social,and perhaps contesting reasons]but overall it might contribute to the wellbeing of the Brass Band movement. Is this something that AreaAssociations might consider and supervise?
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    It depends what you mean by 'transfer'. It is often the case that people have chosen to play with one band rather than another. So 'transferring' one player to another band just because they are seen as 'surplus' is rather an insult.

    I'm sure there are many bands in the same locality whose players 'help' other bands when they're short because they are local to each other.

    I really cannot see how it would "contribute to the wellbeing of the Brass Band movement". And where would the Area Association come in? Would they go to Band A and say 'Sorry guys you've got 4 trombones but Band B down the road has only got 2 - therefore we want your "surplus" player to go to Band B". I think not.

    In my (considerable) experience local bands tend to 'scratch each others backs' when it comes to helping out so why would you want to disrupt the neighbourly arrangment they have.

    Just my two pennies worth.
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    Player vacancies

    I had in mind the situation where there is 'a surplus' on a given instrument and a player would like to improve his position but this is not possible in his current Band. Similarly, a player might be new to an Area and wish to join a certain Band.This Band already has the number of instrumentalists for a full Band turnout and on the specific instrument he plays.Would it not be beneficial for everyone if he was gently guided in the direction of a Band crying out for his help?
    It would be beneficial to Bands in general if playing resources were,where possible, more evenly spread.This might avoid the situation where Bands struggle on trying to fill engagements, and practise as best they can with empty seats all round the pratice room.
    It is commendable that Bands provide deputies readily whenever possible,but empty seats are,regrettably, an unwelcome fact of life for many Bands.
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    There are so many reasons why people join/leave/stay with bands, and I know loads of player who could logically be in a band that is more "suited" geographically or standard-wise. Its the same as jobs, cars and houses.... but as long as people have freedom of choice it ain't going to change. If someone is sitting in an "overcrowded" section all the time the band down the road has vacancies for the same instrument, there's probably a very good reason why they haven't already moved!

    I think the question of steering people new to an area in the direction of needier bands is a completely different issue. Iin this area I think it does happen to a degree, both informally and via the association. Just mho obviously, but I don't think its broke...