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    With a heavy heart, and for the second time, Emley band would like to wish Principal EbBass Gary Brown our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for his consummate professionalism and dedication to the band during his second spell with us as he unfortunately has to leave us to concentrate on family and work matters.
    Gary is a great asset to whoever he plays with, is a true gentleman and is always welcome back in the Emley bandroom. :clap:

    Emley band are also very pleased to announce the arrival of Phil Goodall from local band Grange Moor. Phil joins us on Principal BBbBass, a seat vacated by Adam Clewes who has moved across to the Principal EbBass chair, his preferred seat, which was left vacant by the deperture of Gary Brown.
    Phil brings with him the experience and talent he gained through many very successful years, including several promotions, with Grange Moor Band.
    The whole band extends Phil a very warm welcome, and we hope his time with Emley is long and fruitful.

    The band would also like to extend it's sincere gratitude to Adam Clewes for moving on to the EbBass chair (although he only took about 1 second to convince :rolleyes:) to provide a BBbBass chair for Phil to take up.
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    Would agree with that Mr Brown is a true Brass band Gent and had it not been for moving away we'd have never let you have him!!

    Good luck Gary and catch up with you soon
    Kat x