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    Hi! I have a query about registration, hopefully someone on here can help...

    Is there a certain period of time after registering a player before they can be completely unregistered?
    For the Area, we will be registering a percussionist currently playing in an unregistered band. However, in the summer, his usual band will be playing in a contest where no registered players are permitted.
    Could he be registered and unregistered within the space of 3 months? Can't find anything about it in the rules, and it's better to be safe than sorry!

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    You CAN cancel his registration. But it seems an odd rule - usually rules say something like players should be a member of that band, or not registered to someone else, but that is often referring to any registration requirements for that contest (some local associations have their own registration process which doesnt use the cards).
    Once the registry have confirmed the card is cancelled the player isnt registered - there is no time delay (unlike a transfer, for example)
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    Thanks for that, Paul.
    Not sure what the deal is with the summer contest his band are doing, just relaying what I heard. We'll forge on and sign him up!
    Thanks again.
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