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Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by vjarjadian, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    Im confused now... do you want a contesting band to be regular with or do you just want to offer your services to bands that are short and need a one off dep?

    It's great to have versatile people in band but you do need to have a 'root' seat.

    Have you got enough time to commit to another band fully, if you are playing with lots of others?
  2. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    Im registered with Bradwell Silver Band, and this is not likely to change.

    they rehearse on tuesdays and thursdays, so even from just that band, theres no chance of regularly attending another band on those nights.

    I have a decent evening schedule, and im playing with almost all the bands in my town, im looking for any opportunities to play,

    this part of the forum afterall is the 'deputies database'...

    if i can work it into my schedule for a regular rehearsal then i would certainly enjoy that, but with contesting bands, many need deps to fill in positions but obviously unless you can borrow players for the contest your entering there isnt much use for deps... I know that with Broseley's dev band, now that the areas are approaching i will only go when their contest 1st trombone isnt at rehearsals, and if he is i can help 2nd trombone or something else.

    i would love to participate in more cotests, where you can borrow players, as it's not only helping the contesting band but also helping myself.

    (and i did say in my original post who i was registered with)
  3. batonwaggler

    batonwaggler New Member

    Moulton 77 rehearse at Moulton Park in the Nationwide Building Society Head office building. Off at Jun 15 (M1) follow signs to A43 then pick up Signs to Moulton Park. Bit difficult from there the first time,call me and I can talk you to the place.
  4. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    which night of the week?
  5. batonwaggler

    batonwaggler New Member

    sorry,forgot to put that bit. Monday and thursday 19.30 to 21.30
  6. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    29th March

    Lovely concert with Wolverton Town Band last night.

    had to bring in my friend in so we could do 2nd and bass trombone.
  7. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    I was amazed at this, but MK Brass (championship section) asked me to dep today on 2nd trombone.

    most enjoyable, if only i could do it more often.
  8. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    Whit Friday was great with the KM Medway Band, (Championship Section)

    and Diggle for Whit Friday morning (1st Section)

    although playing the BBb Bass all day was very tiring,

    If they do it next year i hope they'll call me.
  9. tonygee

    tonygee New Member

    Hi There! I am putting together a brass quartet in Leighton Buzzard and we need a bass ..... would this be of interest? Cheers Tony
  10. boogaloo

    boogaloo Member

    If i may put my 2 pennys worth in, i can move around the band also, but this has restricked my playing ability, mainly through my sound, i can produce well on bigger instruments and my range is really good, but now i am a MD i would not recommend any of my players to move around the band, unless they are playing ie trombone and baritone, the mountpiece size is very similar, if you can find where the mouthpiece is similar you won't damage the musles the your lips.

    please, please take heed of what people are saying, if you carry on you won't be to play anything, and no band will touch you.

    kind regards.

  11. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    This is exactly why i dont often play cornet, unless im asked to teach it.

    I know what i am able to do, and to a degree what i am unable to do, I keep within my boundries, tomorrow i will be playing 1st trombone with my band at the areas, on wednesday i will be playing the tuba and trombone on the same night with the MK music service.

    I wouldnt be in these positions if i was unable to play to an appropriate standard, and MK Brass wouldnt have called me to dep on bass trombone in their concert before christmas or last summer if they didnt know i could do it.

    For me moving instrument is a requirement, one band i play with doesnt have any tubas, so i play tuba there so they can have a full band. My main band has only 2 trombones, so i am needed there. I know many people say to stick to one, and in some cases i agree, but i have no problems playing tuba / trombone or even tenor horn one after the other. There are also many people i know who can competently move around.

    Also, i like to write/arrange music, so having experience of what the instruments can do can mean avoiding producing parts which are too difficult for a standard, or out of range for a part. Too many pieces of music nowadays have horrific trombone parts (especially bernaerts music) or other parts which are not fun to play, this is only going to put people off, and i know if i was forced to play pieces which were not interesting at all most of the time i would probably just stop.

    I think most of this discussion would be better placed in other parts of the forum.
  12. boogaloo

    boogaloo Member

    i wish you luck in what you do, but please try and dedicate your time more to one discipline, you'll find yourself a more attractive player to other bands you may want to dep with.

    my hat goes off to you, that you can play all these instruments in succession, and keep your lip in for your cintesting band, and good look at the areas.

    i hope that you prove everyone wrong, including myself.

    good luck.

  13. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Are you joking?

    Bernaerts? Horrific trombone parts? Don't make me laugh. If you think that you're great because you can 'play' a whole host of instruments then good luck to you. On the other hand, if you think that Bernaerts writes difficult parts for trombone, then give up.....
  14. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Alternatively, he might have meant that Bernaerts trombone parts are horrifically dull...
  15. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    by horrific i meant dull and not fun to play
  16. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    You amage me , a man with obviously so many talents, being a natural virtuoso and being a one man genious, why do you need to look for opportunities, i thought they would be hammering down your door, registration forms in their hands, Have you tried Simon Cowell
  17. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    Thats what I like a player who can multitask! Belle Vue Brass in Manchester have vacancies and our band is going places!
  18. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    I'm sure superman will fill a few chairs for you :wink:
  19. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    player looking for oppotunities

    Sorry for mistakes in spelling , you can tell i am not a genius, and amaze would have done better, Just wonder what sec he will be playing in next year as a one man band :clap:
  20. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

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