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Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by vjarjadian, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member


    I'm looking for any playing opportunities out there, especially contesting,
    but preferably not marching...

    Im currently Principal Trombone at Bradwell Silver Band, 4th section.
    (I am registered with this band)

    but i can play basically anything from BBb Bass to 1st or 2nd horn.
    Back row cornet with sufficient notice...

    Im in Milton Keynes, willing to travel via train (except with tubas...)

    reasonable expenses... AKA.. train fare and a plate of chips...

    Bands I've played with;

    Bradwell Silver Band (4th Section): My Main Band. 1st/Bass Trombone, Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, BBb / EEb Tuba,

    Great Horwood Silver Band (non contesting): On a Regular Basis. Cornet, Flugel, BBb / Eb Bass

    Broseley Development Band (4th section): Regularly except contests, 1st/bass trombone.

    Wolverton Town Band (4th Section): mainly every xmas, used to be regular player. most things...

    Woburn Sands Brass Band (Non Contesting): July - August 2007, BBb Tuba, 1st Trombone, Solo and 1st Horn, Repiano/2nd/3rd Cornet,

    Eastbourne Silver Band (Non Contesting): May and June 2007, Eb tuba and Bass Trombone (one of the best Eb tubas I've ever played)

    More to come...
  2. Ever thought about deciding which instrument you'd like to concentrate on?
    Jack of all trades and all that.
    You could even start your own one man band.
    "More to come..." (more instruments? :wink:)

    Seriously,I believe to develop a good sound on an instrument you can't play such a wide variety of instruments.
  3. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Shrewsbury, Shropshire
    Have to say I agree with Mr B for once. What is your favourite instrument and/or which do you seem to have the best sound on? If you can`t decide you might like to think of sticking with the bass as most bands can find room for one of those.
    Also not all bands pay expenses and you are often expected to pay subs especially in the lower sections...
    Good luck though X
  4. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    I spend 90% of my time on trombone,

    'more to come' i meant bands...

    i get by, it doesnt do me any harm moving about,

    besides i enjoy it.

    the sound issue is the main reason i dont regularly play cornet, with notice i can do some practice and get back to playing back row, but most things 1st horn down are either trombone pitched or lower, and providing my 1L fits the tuba i can run most things off in a brass band. other than that i can get away with my 5BL HVTP, and a DW for horn. I mainly only need to play cornet to help out the learners at Great Horwood or Bradwell Silver, or occasionally before xmas.

    besides, many bands needing deps are happy for 'jack of all trades' as they can be flexible.
  5. Thats fine, if you enjoy it I'm not going to knock it.
    I certainly couldn't do it and prefer to try and make a decent fist of my chosen instrument.

    PS welcome to tmp.
  6. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Leeds - Yorkshire - UK
    As Steve mentions, I just wonder whether you are producing a nice warm controlled sound through at least 2.1/2 octaves whilst achieving the full range of dynamics on all these different instruments.

    If so, you must have a remarkable talent as it normally takes the rest of us quite some time practicing "Long notes" etc to develop a full, round, and pleasing sound on our chosen instrument.

    Have you ever thought about entering show business as a multi instrumentalist ?
    Do they still have circus's ???????
    - Wilkie (Semi-uni-instrumentalist)
    PS:- What happened to band loyalty ?
  7. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    Milton Keynes

    Please read the comments from fellow bandsman, as we have discussed many times, you need to stick to the Trombone and develop this, you have a skill but you need to channel this correctly.

    Concentrate on one instrument and in time you will be able to assist many bands if that is your wish.

    See you at BP, Four Cities!!

  8. andybt1984

    andybt1984 Member

    I have to agree that its best to develop on one instrument. If you are a good trombone player the opportunities are endless anyway because as most bands know they are in short supply (well at elast round here)
  9. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    As you know chris... i spend almost all of my time on trombone, but i enjoy playing valved instruments as well as trombone, and since i cant play what id ideally like to play in the band i will occasionally move around,

    and since my mouthpiece will fit trombone, euph, and bari anyway
    it's only the occasions where im asked to play horn or tuba that i need to change,

    i will slow down eventually, but for now i want to play as much as possible in as many genres as possible.

    im not stupid, im not going to go and play horn the week before the areas, but while there isnt much on a may occasionally play others.

    I know my limitations, and i know what i am capable of doing.

    besides, we dont have any gigs on for the next while, so i wont just sit at home and get bored when i could be having fun sight reading for an hour or two, and brass bands are so friendly, it's hard to turn them down...

    Im waiting for our next double weekend so when you cancel tuesday rehearsal i can attempt to play with the championship section band in MK.
  10. This is my last try then I'll leave you alone.
    You can sit in with loads of bands (most bands welcome players if they are'nt rehearsing for major contest/cocert) on your trombone or chosen 1st instrument.
    You can also play in other "genres", try a local jazz band/dance band/ orchestra etc.
    But if you hope to make an impression on MK champs. section band please concentrate and practice hard on the instrument you intend to play with them, its a massive step up from lower sections.
    And finally nobody knows the limits of capability until you push those limits as far as possible.
    Please don't worry about letting these "bands" down, you are letting yourself down if you don't explore the limits of your talent (on ONE instrument - at least to start with).
    Over and out.
  11. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    Played in London 7/2/08

    1st trombone in trafalgar square for the channel 5 neighbours switchover
  12. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Did anyone tell James " The Wizzard of Oz" Morrison that you cant be good on more than one instrument ??
  13. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    If I had my time over again, I would have:

    Learned a harmony instrument (piano, guitar..) when I was younger instead of starting in my 40s.
    Carried on singing in a choir.

    I am impressed by your enthusiasm and would urge you to channel it into making yourself an all-round musician. I don't see any harm in playing valved instruments and trombone. You list many instruments, all in brass band treble clef. If you don't play bass clef trom/euph, I suggest you learn as that opens up so many possibilities.
    I agree with other posters that developing a good sound is fundamental. On one instrument it requires hours of practice on a regular basis. On more than one differently pitched instrument, even more!
    Wish you success..
  14. batonwaggler

    batonwaggler New Member

    If your intrested we at Moulton 77 based in Northampton would welcome you to our rehearsals. I currently need Baritones, Trombones, Bass Trom, so you would be made welcome anytime. pm me or call 07970482928 for directions to us.
  15. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Leeds - Yorkshire - UK
    He'll probably come along and play them all simultaneously!

    - Wilkie
  16. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Get yerself on Bass Trombone.

    Once you've visited the dark side, you'll never want to go back.
  17. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    Now then Wilkie you old git, don't get too sarcaststic - we'd just like to get you back to a position where you're fit to play anything (2nd triangle maybe?). Hope you're on the mend and look forward to seeing you in the band club sometime soon.


  18. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    The Dark side....Bass trom, Contra bass and Cimbasso.....then The TUBA !!!
  19. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    No, tuba is the light side again - two wrongs make a right, don't forget.
  20. vjarjadian

    vjarjadian New Member

    David Mann,

    I can play Bass trombone and read bass clef on euphonium or Eb tuba,

    (in fact i prefer bass trombone to tenor)

    For bass clef i dont like to be without a 4th valve, but it's still easy enough to do.

    i have even adopted the skill of playing an Eb part on a Bb instrument, which some would say is the same thing, but it's still came in handy when the seldom used BBb pads have music missing from concerts.


    i would certainly be interested in coming along, regular rehearsals probably wouldnt be a possibility because my main band has two rehearsals a week, and im out a lot playing with bands in my area on some of the other days.

    but if your short for a concert then id be glad to help, providing my current band doesnt have a conflicting engagement.

    Out of interest, when/where do you rehearse?


    If only i could... ive been trying to imitate Fnugg ( ) but thats as close as i get to playing multiple instruments.
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