plastic mouthpieces!

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  1. I've got an Eb Bass player who is suffering an allergy to her metal mouthpiece. We've tried a new silver Dennis Wick to ensure it wasn't the brass but this hasn't helped much. Can anyone one with experience tell me if the plastic mouthpieces are any good for playing with? Where can I get hold of them, and are there any other alterntaives? A friend told me about metal mouthpieces with a ceramic rim, which sounds good, but I can't find any reference to these on the web. Any replacement would need tobe suitable for use with a Sovereign Eb.

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    Our Eb Bass players suffered reactions with his metal mouthpieces and now plays on a nice purples coloured one. Not sure if its a Kellyburg but I know that they are available on
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    I know a number of tuba players who have got the Kellyberg mouthpieces and are very impressed with them. Not being used as their main mouthpiece, but an excellent second mouthpiece - especially for those winter outside gigs!
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    I have a nickel allergy & after the specialist advised that I take up violin (!) a friend made me a plastic one modelled on the mouthpiece I was using. (before they were commercially available)

    It took a long time to get used to but it really made me concentrate on my embrochure (you can't use pressure very well in the high register as there's less resistance) and it's great when it's cold cos you never have to warm it up!

    I've had it for 10 years now & never looked back - no-one could persuade me to go back to metal.

    I'd definitely recommend it

    :) :tup
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    jpbrass also do kelly mouthpeices;)
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    Does anyone know where I could get a euphonium Kleir mouthpiece? I've been trying to find one for a while now and failing badly!!
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    I have been known to play around with the plastic mouthpieces, and the problem I find is that my sound goes more directional as I play with one. It might be ok on a tuba though.

    They do take a little getting used to, and I find that sometimes my lip sticks to it where the heat hasn't been conducted away.

    Another thing, which is more prominent on trombone definately, is that it seems to absorb some of the overtones and changes the sound, which I suppose is the directional thing. However, I can order one from america directly for about £15 inc. p&p.

    I would say get one, it'll come in a week, and then try it for a few weeks, and if it's just too hard to get used to, then call it quits after a month.
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    ... I found that too! I think it has more to do with the resonance of the material than anything else! I had to buy the real mouthpiece to confirm the results though (lucky for us we have eBay! ;) ).
  10. You can order one online from

    See you at band later!


    Ps. I play on a kelly plastic mouthpiece (Eb bass) all the time now. Personally I can't tell any difference at all between it and the same number Vincent Bach mouthpiece (except for the price of course, and the lack of dents and scratches that the plastic one collects, and the fact that you're forced to clean it out regularly cos everyone can see the gunk!).
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    from a physics point of view, the coupling between the metal and plastic is different from the metal and metal, so I suggest that the contribution that the metal of the instrument makes to the sound is altered by the plastic in that the mouthpiece doesn't vibrate as well as a metal mouthpiece would, which then means that the phonons in the mouthpiece aren't reflected very well at the end, and also that any that are produced in the mouthpiece itself aren't transmitted into the main instrument.

    But I might be wrong ;)
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    aww can't seem to find any sop mouthpieces in those links above. Blast!!!! any one know of a link to plastic sop mouthpieces?
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    A quick, cheap (possible) fix is a barrier between skin and metal - varnish/lacquer/nail varnish? Spray/paint it onto the rim, & if it don't work, clean it off again.... Saves getting used to a new mouthpiece, too.

    (Make sure it has dried properly before using...:eek: )
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    Give Lenard Adams a ring at TREVARDA MUSIC 01209 714353
    He will help you out no problem

    just mention my name please he is a good friend of mine& the family:clap:
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    I've been using a bright transparent blue kelly 24AW since about Christmas. It's fine. You get used to the alteration in your tone after a while and it seems to help in the sound production a bit by making you work a bit harder to 'focus' the sound more.

    I'm enjoying playing on it - but I always liked the 24AW anyway.
  16. Hi Lizzie,

    Sorry, misread your mail yesterday, you want a Kleir specifically. They are listed on their website

    If you click on 'Export Linie Euphonium' you'll see the table of sizes and two prices, one for 'Sliver plated' and one for 'Perspex'.

    Alarmingly the perspex one is quite a bit more expensive!

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    I use a Kellyberg mouthpiece,and over the last six months or so have had no problems.It responds well and the tone is round and full.It does however take the edge off the sound when playing loud, myself i think this is an advantage.Cost around £16.00 , available from
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    A tuba playing mate of mine uses a purple plastic mouthpiece and he loves it, think he tried to co-ordinate the bass section at my old band with them!!

    I also believe Emma Farrow plays on a plastic mouthpiece as well because of an allergy i could be wrong?!
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    well i play with a plastic one and it bgasically sounds the same and i play the same as a metal, i try and aviod swapping them, but mostly play with my plastic one now, its blue,i got mine from aplace called octave above and he has got nearly all types of mouthpieces
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    I just ordered one direct from Kellys in the USA for $9 plus $4 p&p!!