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    Raising Money for the Disabled

    Plastic Brass is being formed to help Disabled people in the UK.
    By raising money for a Disabled Charity the chosen charity for 2017 is Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living.
    MK CIL - Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living

    Disabled people across the UK need help, and are getting lost in our society!
    Initially there will be a one off event in Milton Keynes in 2017 for Plastic Brass to perform for approx 1 hour.
    There will be no rehearsals and sheet music will be provided in advance for all players involved.

    If you are interested in taking part get in touch!

    Thank you.

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  2. The date is now in place 27th May 2017 1-2pm

    Venue Queens Court, centre MK, Milton Keynes

    Pleased register your interest as the more players we have the merrier!

    Thank you
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    Hi mate, if you're interested in setting up plastic brass for regular fund raising concerts etc. Give me a bell. My name is Jez and I'm based in shrewsbury. Solo horn or euphonium player and conductor if needed. or 07960072273
  4. Hi, the first event was a great success!
    We have another event in place to support our charity MKcil a charity for the disabled.
    11th October 2-4pm celebrating the charities 25 years!
    More info on
    Thank you

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