Plants potted at Hebden Bridge

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  1. Hebden Bridge's preparations for the Yorkshire Area were thrown off course on Sunday when their solo euphonium player Ian Plant emerged from a trip to A&E with his right hand in plaster.

    Thumb plant

    Despite suggestions to the contrary from the more cynical members of the band, it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to spend the day in the bar, just an attempt to plant his thumb with a metal ladder.

    Collins sub

    Thankfully, the band are delighted that John Collins, fresh from his success with Oldham (Lees) at Blackpool, has agreed to step into the seat for the contest. The bands percussion section is also taking advantage of Ian’s good hand and has drafted him in to provide support, albeit that signing on may be a problem.


    The bands MD, Dennis Hadfield is hoping no more accidents beset the band as the timp player had to miss Saturday’s Pennine Festival after suffering concussion during a game of rugby.

    Dennis is a little concerned, and has now added a second MD to the playing ranks, with Tom Haslam who conducted Friezland in the 4th Section playing solo cornet.

    curtasy of di gardner and 4BR
  2. Not courtesy of me - just 4BR!!
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  3. Blimey Rick, good job your tuba playing's better than your spelling!!:eek:

    See you tonight!:D
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    It must run in the family the good speiling:clap:
  6. And also the good tuba playing.:clap:
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    anyway time for band again

  8. ha ha sorry about my spelling it isn't verry good! sorry will add link in the future :confused:
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    Finally after all those years of trying Planty has managed to get out of playing! A smidge extreme though. Hope he's ok.

    Best of luck to the band for the weekend, possibly see some of you on Sunday, I'm coming down for the top section

    Jo x
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    Blimey, dig the cornet are you a teacher, as long as the notes are in the right place who ares about the spieling,

    (george formby) could not read or write, made a fortune.

    when he,s cleaning windows:eek:
  11. She works in a school so thats close enough to bein a teacher!

    I cant wait for Saturday, it would be good to see how a class player (i'm guessing so) will play on solo euph after 3 1/2 rehersals.

    How sad are you and Di tho with all the "see you tonight", "best get off to band" having conversations over tMP is a large sign you need to get out more!lol
    I wonder if you get points deducted for language, i fxxkin hope not!!
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    we really have been unlucky this year.
    i might even have to go on stage bare foot guys. niiiiice.
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    wallace and gromit,
    got it wrong again, never mind
    always next year.
    one X conductor said to me we would only last 1 year in the 1st section,
    anyway on my count next year will be the 5th,
    well done we all played well.