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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jim, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. jim

    jim Member

    Hi just need some advice really, Im in need of having to order a mass amount of new mallets (as mine were all stolen recently) in the next couple of weeks once the insurence is sourghted so it meens shopping around and trying to replace almost £900 worth scary I know!
    The normal companies I order form Jam percussion & Bell percussion are great but for some products they either do not stock them or are not willing to order them in aspecially or if they can order it in there claiming it will take between 6- 12 weeks (if thats the case I will be carrying my sticks around at the areas in a plastic bag!!)
    So I have been looking further afeald and have found some great companys in america far cheeper than over here and with far more selection the one in particuler is a wholsaler and offer great deals on evrything you could want Iv checked for the little lock on the ordering page so looks pretty safe but my questions are:

    Buy ordering from the US will I need to pay any taxes for them to come into the counrty?

    Is it safe?

    can anyone offer any advice on the best wayes to order ect?

    chears jim!
  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Be prepared to be patient as well as maybe expecting custom and V.A.T. taxes. Ordering from the States can take weeks. If they are shipping by UPS, try and get a tracking number from the company so you can follow the items' journey online.
  3. jim

    jim Member

    yeh they ship via ups wat would the taxes be like? would it still be worth ordering stuff when u add the amont of tax on?
  4. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    If its new which it will be obviously you have to pay loads of tax and it takes ages to go through customs.
  5. lloydmcwalters

    lloydmcwalters Member

    if when its going through customs they decide to have a look , you can get charged a ridiculous ammount of tax , like 25% but....

    ive bought loads of stuff from america includin 2 , grand and half guitars (les pauls for any one who cares) , and neither of them got checked

    i think if you send it by someone 'proper' like ups tho they sort out the tax themselves so ure always going to be 'got'
  6. Aidan Geary

    Aidan Geary Member

    I've been looking into this myself recently - through the 'music123' site.

    I was looking to purchase a lot of 'Grover' bits, seeing as the £ is so strong against the $ at the mo. My father-in-law ships a lot of samples in from abroad for his business, and gets everything marked 'SAMPLES OF NO COMMERCIAL VALUE' on the package. Generally, this will be ignored by Customs. If you are only buying one item of each, this is very hard to disprove!

    However........ Music123 were not keen to do this, so I looked at getting them to send the bits to my cousin in the USA - him to repack it, and then send. In addition, this would keep the postage down, as Music123 ship for free within the USA, and you can choose your postage rate personally.

    The other option - is to go to the states with an empty suitcase...........
  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    I've been waiting on spares for my instrument to arrive from the States for well over a fortnight now. I bought them (springs, felts, guides etc.) from an online eBay shop and the longer it takes the more likely I feel I will get charged. Depends what value they declare for the package. Bought a mouthpiece on eBay and the seller quoted the full R.P.P. and I got hit severely (considering what I initially won it for).
  8. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I've just ordered some stuff from Woodwind and Brasswind ( and got the following link to calculate how much duty you're likely to be charged. That is assuming it gets picked up by customs in the first place which (from comments here and in other threads) seems a bit hit and miss anyway.

    As I understand it, if you generate a "taric" code you can find out how much duty applies - as it varies accoring to goods, country of origin etc etc. Click here to generate this. As you don't know the code you need to click "browse" and follow the selection choices as to the exact nature of your goods ( eg musical instruments start at section XVIII) then add your country of origin (US in this case), click "duty rates" and away you go. You'll also need to add Mr Brown's cut at 17.5%

    So in my case the code is 9205100000 and I need to pay 3.2%+17.5% on top of the purchase price.

    As for delivery, well I ordered a mouthpiece from the US earlier this year and it took an age to come, but I think that that was because of manufacturing delays and it being sent via normal US postal service. I would srongly recommend that you pay for UPS or someone as it will be quicker and you'll have a proper tracking number to follow your precious package aross the pond. For what it's worth, WWBW reckon on about a week to get to me once they have sent it. I'll let you know as and when it arrives!!!

    I hope this is of some use - I'm no import / export expert - all of the above was obtianed by asking lots of questions to lots of people, in particular to guys who are sending me their stuff.
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  9. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    Kirkcaldy (Kir-kaw-day), Fife
    Personally I like those retailers who mark the package "Spare parts" or "No intrinsic value" and send it that way. I've also heard from various people that unless a package really catches a customs official's eye it's not going to be inspected ;)
  10. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Irrespective of whether it catches a customs officers eye or not you are liable for the duty and VAT on importation irrespective of its value.

    As far as my good friends in Customs are concerned all items have a commercial value.

    Woodenflugel is correct in obtaining a tarrif code.

    The HMC & E tarrif is a book with over 90 chapters breaking everything down from Nuclear reactors to widgets.

    I have a copy of such in my office and if anybody wants some advice they can contact me via PM.

    The rate of duty you pay is based purely on the commodity and is calculated as follows:

    Cost of Goods + Cost of Freight = Dutyable Value
    VAT is then added to the above PLUS the amount of duty paid.

    As I say if anybody wants any importing / exporting advice give me a shout.
  11. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    I just got some great sticks and mallets from the States via Ebay - th company is called Smith Mallets and it's a home run business. For $50 (about £30) I got 6 pairs of marimba / vibes mallets and 3 pairs of glock beaters of varying materials. They were delivered promptly and I am a happy bunnikins!!!!!

    For once in my life I really am excited about going to band and hitting people SORRY things...

    Rach x
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