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  1. Trombone92

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    Ok, I have a question that I don't really know how to ask and many people would probably consider it stupid. But, I'm going to try. Let's say you had a baritone player play his/her F, a trumpet play his/her F, and a flute play his/her F. Would these notes have the same pitch? Would a person have to be able to play each instrument to identify these notes?
  2. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    If I am understanding you correctly, the flute is in concert pitch meaning the same "f" as the piano.
    The trumpet is in B flat so the "f" actually sounds an E flat. If the trombone player is reading in treble clef as in the U.K it would be as the trumpet, but an octave lower. The trombone in the U.S. reads in bass clef, and in concert pitch. Hope that helps, and doesn't confuse you further.
  3. jrshimmon

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    You ask for trumpet, baritone and flute. The first two are pitched in Bb, so an F as you would play it on these instruments would sound the same as a concert Eb. The flute is at concert pitch (C- the same as piano) and so in order to be playing the same not, either the Bb instruments would need to play a G whilst the flute played F, Or if they were to play F then the flute would need to play an Eb.

    Would you like an explanation about how to work this out or information on any other instruments?
  4. phildriscoll

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    If you ask 3 baritone players to play an F, you'll be lucky if they are all the same pitch. ;)

    Sorry, couldn't resist :)
  5. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    So True!
  6. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    I'm sure this is nothing more than a reference to the range of the instrument, and the fact that the players might choose any number of Fs to play.

    /naive! ;)
  7. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    From concert pitch, E flat instruments read up a sixth or down a third.
    B flat instruments read up a major second or ninth.
    F instruments read up a perfect fifth.
  8. timbloke

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    I knew I had thought about this before, isn't it amazing looking back at old threads/posts. SOme of the stuff I was talking about was fascinating (and a load of rubbish)! There are some seriously useful things to be found in the vaults of tMP, if you can be bothered to look!

    Try this thread

    In particular this post

    And most importantly, this image!

  9. tubafran

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    Very nice Tim but where are the euphs, baris, troms and basses supposed to live? Are we all homeless? Id like to bet the BBb basses wont be able to get home insurance either due to the hgh risk of flooding and the rest of those appartments further up the hill falling down on them.
  10. MrsDoyle

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    lol :clap:

    Anyway, trombone92, :hi
  11. ronnie_the_lizard

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    From what I've heard, getting a baritone to play 'F' isn't a problem, it's just anything below mf that's impossible.......
  12. Baritonedeaf

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    Damn it - Stole my line. :-D

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