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  1. MaxPressure

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    Does anyone know if the "PIRATES OF THE CARRIBIAN" soudtrack (especially the end theme) has been arranged for band??

    And if not why not!!!
  2. Redhorn

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    Yes it has! We've played it, a cracking (and fairly simple) arrangement. Can't remember who did it though!
  3. coolpics

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  4. dyl

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    A number of arrangements have been mentioned here quite a few times. Try the search box for more information! ;)
  5. Steve

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    You couldnt play it anyway mate!!! ;)

    Welcome to the forum at last and well done on the soloists prize last weekend :tup
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Copyright permission's been hard to come by on this one. I know a couple of folk who've tried, and failed, to get permission to arrange.

    Shame that, there's loads of good music in the film.
  7. Anglo Music Press

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  8. Lauradoll

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    I have a (simple) wind band version for my school band, arranged by Michael Sweeney and published by Studio Music. It's class!!
  9. Mark Bousie

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    The fairly simple arrangement that has been mentioned is probably the one done by Bruce Fraser.
  10. MaxPressure

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    cheeky cheeky..........