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  1. Pipefest 2005

    Robert Batty, a present member of Halifax BBGB and Kieran Thompson, Ex – Marching member of Queensbury Scouts Marching Brass will be joining 7,000 pipers, drummers, members of brass and reed bands and clan societies to take part in the biggest ever Pipefest event, which aims to break the world record for the worlds largest pipe band, while raising money for a leading cancer charity.

    Exactly ten years ago the inaugural Pipefest, 3,000 pipers and drummers marched through Edinburgh to raise money for Marie Curey Cancer Care. A decade on, after setting the current record for the worlds largest pipe band with almost 9,000 pipers and drummers and organising piping events in various cities throughout the world including New York, Chicago and Paris, Pipefest will be returning to Scotland – the spiritual home of piping.

    Close to 7,000 people from 28 countries already registered to take part in Pipefest 2005, from as far a field as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, the streets of Edinburgh will have even more of a festival atmosphere than usual.

    Thomas Grotrian, director of Pipefest 2005 commented on the preparations for Pipefest 2005:

    ‘Pipefest 2005 presents us with a great opportunity to welcome bands from all over the world for one monumental gathering in Edinburgh’.

    Pipefest 2005 will take place in Holyrood Park on Sunday the 21st August. Setting off at 14:00 hours along Queens Drive, the spectacular event will come to a head two hours later when the bands meet up for the Grand Finale in the shadow of Arthur’s seat at the northern end of Holyrood park.

    The Grand Finale will see a Fanfare from the Trumpets and Kettle drums followed by the Brass and Reed bands playing Summon the Heroes while the colours are marched on. After the Brass and Reed bands have played their introduction to the event, the Pipers will pipe up to Green Hills of Tyrol, Battle’s O’er and Lochanside before being joined by the whole of the cast playing Athol Highlanders then Amazing Grace with a Choir accompanying.

    After a brief pause, the Pipers will sound up again this time into Highland Laddie where the Salute will be taken, followed by the National Anthem with the Brass and Reed bands, where a second Salute will be taken.

    After the National Anthem, here’s where the fun part comes in.

    The whole cast of 7,000 will march forward playing Scotland the Brave. This should be an amazing spectacular to see. After Scotland the Brave, the cast will about turn and March back along the field to the traditional Scottish tune Black Bear.

    Here is where the formal event will finish, but shortly after there will be a party at Meadowbank. There will be music from various bands, and last orders will be at 8:30.

    Additional to the Sunday event, on the Saturday at 13:00 hours for one hour only there will be a jamming session in Princes Street Gardens, so if you’re up for the weekend, come down and have a look.

    If you want any more information about the event, go to http://www.pipefest.com/ or email Rob, robertbatty9015@hotmail.com