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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Despot, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    Is it possible to get an "unpimped" instrument anymore? A good instrument in just silver? Looking at the Prestige range, and I believe the York Eminence is similar, the silver models come with gold trimmings.

    We had 3 Prestige cornets on trial a few months back (which we sent back for shocking build quality), and despite the other problems you just got a sense that the gold wasn't going to last. I could see myself looking for someone to replate the fittings a few years down the road. If you want to "ghetto up" your own personal instrument that's fine, but I'm looking for band instrument that will give at least 10 years of "flake free" service!

    So before someone thinks adding spinning rims is a good idea, or a bit of leopard skin carpet around the bell might look really cool, is it possible to get Besson, York etc to provide just silver instruments……please?
  2. GJG

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    I'm happy to be corrected on this, however I remember reading somewhere (may have been the old Schilke website, or possibly the Schilke Loyalist site?) that (good quality) gold plating on instruments is actually harder wearing than silver. This despite the fact that gold is actually quite a "soft" metal. Therefore the "trimming" may be not so much for "cosmetic" effect, but more to do with protecting those parts of an instrument which receive more handling.
  3. GJG

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    Actually, reading up on it a bit, there's another point, which I did know but had forgotten :oops:: Apparently, gold plate will not "stick" to brass, so the parts have to be silver-plated first, then gold-plated on top. So, you actually have a "double" plating on the gold trim.
  4. I think gettin a pimped carnet would be a fab idea!!!

    Just imagine tootling onto stage with a new paint job (I'm thinking lime green with a black and silver outline of a snake on the front) imagine a sensor to let your spit out so you dont have a push on the valve thing you just wave your hand underneath. Fantastic!!!

    Oh oh what about clear valve pipes full of little LED lights so when you put your valve down it all lights up but then you'd need mini solar pannels on the top of the valves to power the lights.

    What about a giant glittery rim on the bell end that you spin round and your mute just pops in!!

    Oh my god i think i am over come with the possabilities!!!

    (Why do i get the feeling no one will think the same!!ha haaa)
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Could be worse....

  6. TheFopp

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    Or these:

  7. youngman

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    Wicked !!!!!!!
  8. Can't beat abit of bling
  9. 3rdcornetsolo

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    The Yamaha Xeno range remain 'unpimped'... all instruments are available in Silver, Laquer or Gold Brass.

    And the new model horn and baritone have just moved into production.
  10. Sweet chile of mine!!!

    So shall i take it that i am the only one who would actually like one of these?? Do you know if they do the blue one in a different colour? It looks a bit narrow boat esq in blue!

    I totally think the blue and gold bass looks really cool!

    Doesn't anyone else think a pimping cornet would be a good idea? Think of the gadgets!! The best we have to far is a pencil holder!!! Lets try not get too excited!!
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  11. TheFopp

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    I'm sure Andy at www.taylortrumpets.com will do them in any colour you like. You check out some of his customisations and general instrument design there.

  12. TheFopp

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    Well lets start thinking......

    How about, in the spirit of saving the planet, we help reduce the amount of water used in the band room. Simply attach a long length of thin hose (perhaps airline tubing used for pumps in fishtanks) from each instruments waterkeys to a bucket in the middle of the room. Bet there is enough water in the bucket at the end of the rehearsal for the half-time cups of tea!.... think of the savings!
  13. Crazysop

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    * heaves all over the place

    I'd have a blinged up sop for sure yeah! not sure the band would approve tho.

    Lovin the see though valves idea with led lights! Also lovin the self emptying water key idea, although not into a communal tea bucket:eek:
  14. Crazysop

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    In fact, iv'e spotted what i want
    Yeah! Except maybe just diamonds, sparkly sop!
  15. flugelgal

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    I must say that the look of the Taylor instruments have always had a bit of an appeal to me (ever since James Howell from on here showed me a link to some). I love the shapes used and some of the finishes. I believe they also play like a dream, but I've never tried one!

    However, taking a "stock" instrument and sticking on some bells and whistles doesn't have quite the same appeal to me. It doesn't seem quite so stylish. Although I have may have been known to put tinsel and fairy lights on my flugel for Christmas gigs in the past, this is completely different (honest :oops:).
  16. DocFox

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    I went to a University where the mascot was the tigers. How did I miss this?


  17. TubaGeek

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    But then you would get spit all over your hand!
  18. No you wouldn't smart **** coz you'd move your hand OUT OF THE WAY!lol Well unless you like to spit on yourself!!!ha haaa
  19. WoodenFlugel

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    As I have mentioned before (more than once!) I play on a Kanstul ZKF1525 flugel. It's lacquered with - for reasons I can't fathom - a nickel plated lead pipe. It also has a 100% copper bell so in effect is has three different colour finishes on it. I've no idea why they went for a different plating process on the lead pipe, but the bell is copper for good reason - the fact it lacquers a different colour is a side effect of it IMO.

    I got quite shirty when someone suggested I'd bought that particular flugel "because it's pretty" - I bought it because it was my favourite after trying several others. The fact that it is in truth a stunning looking piece of kit is secondary.

    As for the other stuff here - hmm I can take or leave it. I was very tempted by a matt lacquer finish conn flug which I think would've raised more eyebrows than my Kanstul, but a blue cornet with silver highlights? Having been lucky enough to play a Taylor instrument, I can vouch for their quality, but its a bit like wearing a pair of silver football boots - you have to be damn sure you have more than enough talent and ability to back up the LOOK AT ME!!!! factor. Personally I'd prefer to play something less outrageous visually and blow 'em away aurally...
  20. Alyn James

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