Pilling Junior Band's Masterclass with Richard Evans

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    On Saturday 20th May, the charismatic Richard Evans took time out from his busy schedule to give a Masterclass for the Pilling Junior Band.

    Pilling were joined by friends from Poulton Junior Band and were treated to a morning from Richard’s wealth of anecdotes and musical knowledge. They had a fabulous time, learnt so much and had a lot of fun.

    The band (consisting of children aged 7 to 14 years old) worked on Slaidburn, Irish Blessing and the Flintstones and made massive progress under Richard Evans’ guidance.

    It was very interesting to see how Richard motiviated the band and always seemed to find a way to get the best out of all individuals. The children were also very impressed that Richard was leaving their rehearsal to drive down to Yeovil to conduct Grimethorpe in the same day as conducting them!

    Pilling Junior Band have picked themselves up after the disappointment of the JJB Contest being cancelled. This was due to be their first contest.

    They are now looking forward to a live broadcast on Radio Lancashire at half term and numerous local summer jobs including one at Myerscough College’s Open Day in June.

    John Squires-Evans
    MD - Pilling Junior Band
    MD - Poulton-Le-Fylde Junior Band
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    good work john glad to see its all going well
  3. Steve

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    Gutted about the first contest John, hope you get a replacement lined up soon. Congrats on another great day with the youngsters.
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    Please, bear in mind I am signed is as my partner, I am not rutribal but I can never be bothered to sign in as myself. It does it for me. Just to ask is there a reason that all these masterclasses, including the one involving doylie, all fall on the same day as County Youth Band rehearsals or concerts. It just concerns me as an ex member of the County Band and having family there that it is starting to struggle. It does not help that students are encouraged to miss concerts and rehearsals for this reason. I'm not having a major dig but should these students be attending rehearsals. I know if I missed a band rehearsal for a reason like that I would most probably have my commitment questioned and then sacked. I am just curious as I say
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    Yes, I was invited to the last masterclass but couldn't go as it was a county rehearsal. As it turned out, I was ill anyway but I was a bit disappointed that they were on the same day.
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    This particular Masterclass, (only the 2nd we have ever had), was originally arranged in preparation for Pilling Junior Band to enter the JJB Contest. It was the only day in May that Richard Evans was available.

    I am also an ex member of Lancashire Youth Band and I have personally recommended many children who are now members of this Youth Band. Without Junior Bands like ours there would be no players to feed the Youth Bands.

    The commitment of these children should not be questioned since they were all still involved in a musical activity. As for comparing it to your own band where you may be sacked this is a ludicrous suggestion for children. I am sure they will experience enough of these attitudes when they enter adult banding.

    Also bear in mind we lose Youth Band players all the way through the summer for numerous jobs because they are at rehearsals.

    John Squires-Evans
    MD Pilling Junior Band
    MD Poulton Junior Band
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    Just a quick note to say I spoke with my nephew who had a great time a the masterclass
    Well done mate.

    You are definately making sure that there is a new generation of brass players on the fylde coast.

    Give me a ring some time, we are well overdue a pint!
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    Congratulations on a fantastic day John!