Pictures at an Exhibition - Mussorgsky/Howarth

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Dave Payn, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Dave Payn

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    Other than the stupendous BBS/Snell recording of this on Doyen, does anyone know of any other brass band (not ensemble) recordings of the whole work. I know of some recordings of 'snippets' (usually Baba Yaga and Great Gate), but my researches into other band recordings of the entire work have proved negative.

    Any ideas, folks?

    Any help much appreciated.
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    I dont think there is another recording , I know the National Youth Brass Band of Wales preformed it whole on James Watson's last course as MD ( 2002 I think , I cant remember but I was brought out of retirement for the course!!! ) I dont know if it was recorded though. try a serch for Ty Cerdd or the Welsh Am. Music Federation in Cardiff , am sure there was a recording done on one of the earlier courses ( 1982 - 1983 )
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    Re: PICTURES...

    Cheers. Thanks for your info, Nick.

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    Is there not a Grimethorpe recording? As wasn't that who it was done for? (The band from the 80's, as Peter Roberts mentions it in his book - about playing the whole thing)
  5. GJG

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    I certainly heard Grimethorpe play the whole thing 'live' in the QEH London, (including top 'E' from Peter Roberts in the "Great Gate"!
    However I'm not aware of any recording. Shame!

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    Just to let you know, we do not have a recording of The Nash Band of Wales playing 'Pictures of an Exhibition' in the archive. Sorry about that!
    The concert wasn't recorded as far as Im aware, so sorry to those playing on that course.

    The National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales are playing it in Colwyn Bay on the 11th April '04 at 3pm though, just to plug that if I may.

    Welsh Amateur Music Federation
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    we did the whole lot on NYBB two years ago I believe in Combridge. I think there was a recording made of the performance, but obviously its a triple size band so it will sound a bit different. I'm at uni atm but i think i do have the recording.Your probably best asking someone from the band, like Mr Biggs, because i'm sure they've got some spare recordings. Hope this has helped