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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Lil Miss, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Sorry - this is one of the many, many "piccolo trumpets" that are to be found on Ebay that are more suitable for lamp or paperweight duty than piccolo trumpet performance.

    I hope it works for you, but I have a nasty feeling it won't be as nice as one would hope for.

    If you are serious about getting hold of a piccolo trumpet (they are great fun - speaking as a piccolo specialist) feel free to contact me or you could check out one of the more trumpet based forums that exist, such as TrumpetHerald, TrumpeMaster or Brass-Forum:

    I can be found on all of these, as can a multitude of other trumpet plauyers, including some of the world's top players.
    There are a number of threads running on Trumpetherald about "which piccolo?" Well worth checking out, if you are someone who thinks that there is more to the upper brass world than cornets, flugels and sopranos.
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    I was tempted to try one of these too but read reviews on www.trumpetherald.com and www.trumpetmaster.com even found one (maybe not a monique but another cheap one) on ebay a few months ago. This guy had bought one on ebay, realised how bad it was, then re-listed it with a true description. Unfortunately the auction no longer exists (more than 90 days ago) but I seem to remember the description starting along the lines of 'I bought this piccolo trumpet shaped chunk of metal.......'

    I think most people's opinion is that they are over-expensive paperweights or lamps. I don't know anyone who's tried a 'monique' but let us know if what we say is right when it arrives,we could all be surprised!?!? :dunno
  5. Lil Miss

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    i feel like such an idiot....i don't when i'll even be receiving the darn thing because the member has not written back ( i've written him 3 emails soooo far)
    ahh well i should hav asked for an opinion before i bought it...:-( :-?
    well i'll let u all know how it goes.
  6. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Well at least you'll be able to experiment with this, and work out EXACTLY what you expect from your next Picc!!
  7. Lil Miss

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    yeah but i'm not a piccolo trumpet player...i'm a uh cornet/trumpet player!!
    i just thought it would b fun to try out somethin different...i feel like such a idiot.... :-(
  8. Okiedokie of Oz

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    I'm a tuba player/ who also plays euph and bass trom. Yet I know what I like in my soprano cornets!!
  9. GJPC

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    Piccolo Trumpets


    If you want to get into playing these (and they are really seriously good fun) I would recommend a visit to this site;


    It's an internet instrument sales/repair service run by Sharon MacCullum (not sure of spelling). I bought a 2nd hand Selmer Picc from her last year (£640). I see she has another one advertised at the moment.

    When I got mine, the laquer was a little pitted, however, it plays like a dream, valves are smooth and it's very free blowing (for a picc). I've since had mine relaquered (£185) and it looks like new.

    Not bad when you consider that brand new the rrp is £2100.

    I've also heard that the cheapies on e-bay are unplayable and would chose to stear clear. If you don't mind spending this much on a picc (bearing in mind it's normally a case of you get what you pay for!) I would throughly recommend giving Sharon a try. Her standard of service is extremely high and you can be sure that she won't sell you rubbish.
  10. GJPC

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    New to this - sorry made a mistake in where to place my posting. Please see "Piccolo Trumpets" posting from me dated 7.1.05

    Gareth Cottrell
  11. brassneck

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    ... I would contact the seller immediately to get a guarantee that the piccolo is fully working and playable. You can use the reply as evidence against him/her when asking for a refund if it is trashy.

    Have a read on eBay's customer protection policies using the link below:-


    oo-err! A smilie has been included where a colon ':' followed by a 'p' should be! :shock:
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    Hi there, someone at my band bought a piccolo trumpet off ebay for 99p with £49 p+p from india, it was brand new and came wrapped in bubble wrap and old newspaper in a cloth bag! It was in full working order though and sounded really good, it wud be a good laugh at a christmas concert or something like that!
  13. Lil Miss

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    soooo there may b some hope left.........:-?
  14. Lil Miss

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    well i guess i'm a really silly girl. Yea.....got the trumpet....valves are terrible and they can't move so I can't even play it to see how bad the tuning is....ahhh well, i've put in a complaint in with ebay and paypal, hopefully something will be done about it. More importantly I've written to several other ppl who have bought the same item as me, and funnily enough the same situation happens, I am hoping to get this guy banned for selling false/damaged goods. Thanks for all the help from everyone!!!!
  15. fitzy

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    Try valve oil ;)
  16. yonhee

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    Im gessing shes done that
  17. Adrian Horn

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    Sorry it wasn't what you were hoping for Lil Miss.

    Its always worth doing your homework on any instrument before you bid on Ebay.

    Top tip: with second hand instruments on Ebay, its always worth asking the seller for the serial number, and then perhaps emailing the manufacturer to see if the serial number matches up with dates and make of the instrument so you know that the instrument is real! There have been anumber of cases when people have'nt received instruments due to the fact that seller was really a hoaxer.
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    Kill the person that sent it to you!Did it say everything was in working order cos if it did then they can get killed by whoevers incharge.
  19. It is a sad state of affair indeed. You have to be very careful on ebay.

    The problem is that they just start up again on a different user id.

    Good Luck for next time.
  20. stopher

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    I know how you feel - I bought a monique about 2 years ago, played it and put it back on Ebay. COst me about £50 evetually but put the money plus about 2 years of private teaching aand conducting expenses towards a Stomvi Picc.

    Tried a few - Schilke (lovely but too expensive), 2 different Yamahas ( both a bitch to blow through) and a Scherzer rotary valve thing (Was lost with this thing which looked liek GCSE Tech project!)

    Found the Stomvi to be lovely instrument, almost as good as the Schilke, v. free blowing, tuning not bad and half the price of the Schilke.

    I think it said on the Dallas website that has been mentioned, it's worth paying a bit more - the difference in the playability between the monique and the stomvi was massive and cost a £1000 more brand new (or you could try getting one from America over th net - worked aout about £900 if you were able to get away with the vat/tax or buy it through school/uni

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