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  1. photosnapper

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    It's nice to be part of the band online fraternity. I joined because I saw your 'question and answer' forum and have a personal question.
    I'm thinking of buying an American style long model cornet purely because I don't like the British 'stumpy' ones. Can anyone tell me whether the sound is the same as British ones. I want it to sound like the British ones and not like a trumpet as I already have two of those.

    Thank you.
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    I've recently acquired a long model cornet but it's really old and was sat in someone's loft for about twenty years so it's difficult to compare the sound... however, it definitely has a more trumpetty sound and feel to it compared to my standard British short cornet. Would be good for Dixieland jazz type stuff I think.
  4. photosnapper

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    Thanks. That'a shame. I DID have a long model Conn cornet many moons ago and that didn't seem too bad - sound wise - but it was extremely sharp above the stave (staff?) so it and I parted company. The Bach C300 looks quite nice but, apparently, it is only a student cornet although the Yamaha, on which I play now, is also one.
  5. RussQ

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    I used to play a long model Strad while in the forces and couldn't fault it. A very versatile hooter!

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