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    Hello Everyone

    Join me for an hour of nostalgic brass music on my Sunday Bandstand from 2pm to 3pm every Sunday on Phoenix FM 96.7. This is Calderdale's (Halifax area) community radio station. To find me through the internet go to and click on Listen Live at 2pm every Sunday. Here is this week's programme:
    1. Rhythm & Blues

    2. Champion March Medley
    (Baxendale’s Band, Black Dyke Mills Band, Fodens Motor Works Band, Harton Colliery Band, Munn and Felton’s Band, Scottish CWS Band, Wingates Temperance Band)
    Massed Bands playing at the CrystalPalace December 1935 - conducted by John Henry Iles.

    3. Pique Dame
    Harry Mortimer and his All Stars
    Recorded 1963 - conducted by Harry Mortimer

    4. Besses o’th Barn Band - a cornet duet featuring Colin Stokes and Richard Dix
    Cory Workmen’s Band - conducted by John (Jack) Harrison Recorded 1969

    5. The Red Barrel - Watney Silver Band – conducted by Albert Meek Recorded 1969

    6. Spitfire Fugue - Black Dyke Band - conductor Dr Nicholas Childs Recorded 2007

    7. Streets of London - cornet solo featuring Nigel Cavill The Royal Doulton Band
    – conductor Ted Gray Recorded 1981

    8. Two Norwegian Dances GUS Band - conductor Dr Keith Wilkinson Recorded 1984

    9. Appalachian Folk Suite Glasgow CWS - conductor John Hudson Recorded 1987

    10. Year of the Dragon (3rd movement - Finale) Glasgow CWS - conductor John Hudson Recorded 1987

    11. Rhythm & Blues Close

    A few weeks ago we had a recording of Herbert L. Clarke playing in 1908 and another week Arthur Laycock and St Hilda's from a recording in 1920. This is something new - tunes, bands and players from the past with the odd newish track thrown in as well.


    Chris Helme

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