Phillip McCann Mouthipece Alternative

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by joshy, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. joshy

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    Hi Folks,

    I regularly play cornet and all of its relatives (Bb/Eb/D/Picc trumpet / flugel etc...) and have a heck of a time converting between the two mouthpieces I use. I currently play a Bach 1 1/4C for my trumpets and a Phillip McCann signature mouthpiece for my cornet.

    The McCann is great for cornet playing but I CANNOT switch between the two pieces quickly, it usually takes me a few days to feel comfortable again on cornet and this is obviously a bit of a pain.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? I am looking at getting a screw rim mouthpiece set from Bob Reeves in America but they are quite expensive and I'm slightly skint. Is there a Yamaha mouthpiece which is similar but with a slightly rounder rim and sharper bite? Or does anyone else have any alternatives they could suggest?

    Please help!



    (P.S. If anyone has any mouthpieces spare that they think might work I would be willing to pay the P+P for me to try them and then purchase if they work for me)
  2. colin.moody

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    Try a Wick 2B. It pretty much size for size with the 1 1/4C but with a deeper cup. I use this on my cornet as well as a 1 1/4C sometimes, and a 1 1/4C on my trumpet. I have never had any lip issues when switching between the 2.
  3. ian_raisbeck

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    i have had similar problems in the past.

    my suggestion is the sparx cornet mouthpieces, seems to work much better than the wick's do for me.
  4. sop 1

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    warburtons are the boy! john packer have offers on them,or go to trevor james in bristol where u can try them out!
  5. sop 1

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    bristol might be too far for u tho lol :)
  6. Andy Pulford

    Andy Pulford New Member

    I have found the Roger Webster /Alliance Products mouthpiece to be very comfortable. They have a wide rim option and as a former trumpet player produce a mellower sound for me than the the Wicks I tried without sacrificing range.
  7. Daisy Duck

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    You might like Warburtons. But it's an expensive option!

    I recently changed mouthpieces to have a cornet mouthpiece more similar to my trumpet mouthpiece. It made swapping between instruments much much easier... but I found that my tone on my cornet wasn't particularly cornet-like. I basically ended up sounding like I was playing the trumpet so I switched back.
  8. sop 1

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    not too expensive,£35 for a backbore and a little more for a top,or look on ebay there's always some on there!
  9. Aussie Tuba

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    try one of these you could get the same one made up for both trumpet and cornet ( 2 different shanks but the same cup )

    They do a good selection of Trumpet / cornet MPC's
  10. wilky

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    Just sent you a pm if you want to give me a ring
  11. joshy

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys. One of the options I am looking into after consultation with wilky is getting a rim taken off and made into a screw top and then having a set of back bores adjusted to suit the playing I am doing that day. The problem with this however is that I am not really 100% happy with any of the rims I play on.

    My McCann is VERY comfortable but is maybe a tad small and I can't articulate as cleanly as I would like (the cushion rim also stops my flexibility a bit). My Bach 1 1/4C is also comfy and articulation is great but it is maybe a bit big, ideally I'd like something in the middle.

    Whereabouts in the UK do you guys think has the best selection of mouthpieces available to try out? I'm assuming somewhere in or near London? I've made the decision that before I invest in anything I need to get a good rim then I can worry about the cups etc...

    Hope you guys can help (again)!!

  12. sop 1

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    as i said earlier,trevor jones in bristol. you can try as many as u like.
    give him a call :)