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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Dave Payn, May 14, 2004.

  1. Dave Payn

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    On a lunchtime trip to my nearest Virgin Megastore, I noticed that three PJBE compilations, previously available only over the Internet, are now available in the shops. All three are double CD sets, cost £14.99 and are highly recommended! They are:

    The Lighter Side
    Greatest Hits
    20th Century Album

    If anyone wishes, I'll forward track listings.


  2. James Yelland

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    I'd certainly like to know what the tracks are, please. I can't believe that Decca, or whatever mega-conglomeration they are owned by nowadays, have still not re-released all those classic Argo label albums. Half a dozen were re-released on the Marcophon label, of course, but still no sign of Modern Brass, Romantic Brass, Just Brass or even Pictures. Scandalous, really.
  3. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Pictures in on the Greatest Hits compilation, though!

    Anyway, James; here are the tracks:



    Allegro From Water Music - Suite No. 1 in F HWV348 (Handel)
    arr. Elgar Howarth

    Bourrée Fantasque (Chabrier) arr. John Iveson

    The Cuckoo (Traditional)
    arr. Elgar Howarth

    Golliwog's Cake-Walk
    From Children's Corner (Debussy)
    arr. Geoffrey Emerson

    Gladiolus Rag (Joplin)
    arr. John Iveson

    Jalousie (Tango Tzigane) (Gade)
    Arr. John Iveson

    Czárdas No. 1 (Monti)
    arr. Ifor James

    Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saëns) arr. Peter Reeve

    Disc 2
    Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke, J) arr. Elgar Howarth

    Divertimento (Premru, R)

    Kraken From Four Brass Cats (Hazell)

    Black Sam From Four Brass Cats (Hazell)

    Borage From Four Brass Cats (Hazell)

    Mr. Jums From Four Brass Cats (Hazell)

    West Side Story Suite (Bernstein arr. Crees)

    The Carnival of Venice (Traditional) arr. Elgar Howarth


    Disc 1
    1. Processional Fanfare, for brass
    Composed by Elgar Howarth

    2. Fanfares for Britannicus Prelude
    Composed by Andre Jolivet

    3. Fanfare No.1, for 4 horns, 3 trumpets & 3 trombones
    Composed by Michael Tippett

    4. Ceremonial Fanfare, for brass ensemble
    Composed by Aaron Copland

    5. The Cenci, opera Fanfare
    Composed by Havergal Brian

    6. Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury,
    Composed by Benjamin Britten

    7. Suite for brass septet
    Composed by Stephen Dodgson

    8. Divertimento, for brass sextet
    Composed by Leonard Salzedo

    9. Fanfare for brass quintet
    Composed by Richard Rodney Bennett

    10. Four Outings for Brass
    Composed by Andre Previn

    11. Sonata for horn, trumpet & trombone, FP 33
    Composed by Francis Poulenc

    12. Symphony for brass & percussion, Op 16
    Composed by Gunther Schuller

    Disc 2
    13. Festfanfare, for brass
    Composed by Alfred Uhl

    14. Sokol Fanfare from Sinfonietta for brass & timpani
    Composed by Leos Janacek

    15. Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London, for brass and percussion
    Composed by Arthur Bliss

    16. Fanfares Liturgiques for brass ensemble Procession du Vendredi-Saint
    Composed by Henri Tomasi

    17. The Eagle Has Two Heads, incidental music, for brass & percussion
    Composed by Benjamin Britten

    18. Symphony for brass instruments, Op. 123
    Composed by Malcolm (Sir) Arnold

    19. Morgenmusik, for brass ensemble (from Plöner Musiktag)
    Composed by Paul Hindemith

    20. Kleine Dreigroschenmusik,
    Composed by Kurt Weill


    1.The Earle of Oxford's Marche,
    William Byrd arr. Elgar Howarth

    2. Renaissance Dance Suite
    Tylman Susato arr. John Iveson

    3. Galliard Battaglia for brass ensemble ("Battle Suite")
    Samuel Scheidt ed. Philip Jones

    4. Pavane
    John Bull arr. Howarth

    5. The King's Hunting Jigg
    John Bull arr. Howarth

    6. Greensleeves
    arr. Howarth

    7. Brass Quintet, No 1 in B flat, Op 5
    Victor Ewald

    8. Fanfare "Narcisse"
    Andre Jolivet

    9. Sonatina for brass quintet
    Eugene Bozza

    10. Quintet for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone & tuba, Op 73
    Malcolm Arnold

    11. Spitfire Prelude & Fugue
    William Walton arr. Howarth

    Disc 2
    12. Fanfare for the Common Man
    Aaron Copland

    13. Etude characteristique No. 1
    Jean-Baptiste Arban arr. Howarth

    14. The Sleeping Beauty Waltz
    Tchaikovsky arr. John Fletcher

    15. Pieces (4) for Brass Quintet
    Ludwig Maurer

    16. Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major ("Eine kleine Nachtmusik"), K. 525
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. John Fletcher

    17. The Ragtime Dance,
    Scott Joplin arr. Iveson

    18. Frère Jacques
    French Traditional arr. Iveson

    19. The Easy Winners,
    Scott Joplin arr. Iveson

    20. Le petit nègre,
    Claude Debussy arr. Geoffrey Emerson

    21. Song without Words for piano No. 45 in C major ("Kinderstück"), Op. 102/3
    Felix Mendelssohn arr. Alan Civil

    22. Humoresque No. 7
    Antonin Dvorak arr. Chris Hazell

    23. Borage
    Chris Hazell

    24. Tico, tico
    Zequinha de Abreu arr. Iveson

    25. Péri, La, ballet Fanfare
    Composed by Paul Dukas

    26. Fanfare from Festmusik der Stadt Wien, for brass & timpani, AV 133 Richard Strauss arr. Geoffrey Emerson

    27. Pictures at an Exhibition
    Modest Mussorgsky arr. Elgar Howarth
  4. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    And out of all these three compilations, my own personal favourite is the Previn FourOutings, which I didn't know before I bought this compilation off the net some months back. Worth hearing alone just to hear John Fletcher in astonishing (even by his standards) form....
  5. Active Member

    What? All of it?
    If so, I'm out of here and off to find a Virgin!
  6. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Yup, all of it! All 35 mins! Probably in a (big) HMV too

    It was actually released on a CD some years ago, coupled with the Peter Reeve arrangement of Carnival of the Animals but ut wasn't long before it was deleted!
  7. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    p.s. Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road corner Virgin is where I saw them!
  8. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Lots of great stuff there. My favourite (for all the wrong nostalgic reasons) is still the old 'Brass in Switzerland LP' which gave rise to Berne Patrol, Lucerne Song, the Old Chalet, The Cuckoo, the Music Hall Suite etc. etc. etc.

    Will never forget the first time I heard the old PJBE quintet: Howarth, Jones, James, Iveson and Fletch at the Lancaster University Summer School's opening night party. They blew my mind then - one of those all too rare life-changing experiences - with their classy musicianship.

    Off to find a Virgin...

  9. neiltwist

    neiltwist Active Member

    firstly, beurgh!

    secondly, I bet they don't have it in my hmv, may have to try the trafford centre though.
  10. carlwoodman

    carlwoodman Member

    They're all £1 cheaper than in the store on the Virgin Megastore website and with free postage! (Only £13.99)
    Search on Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and you should find them;

    Also shown is another compilation called Music for the Royal Court.

    I received my monthly magazine from Britannia Music today and they're selling them for £16.99 with postage on top!
  11. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I do believe Music from the Royal Courts compilation is in there but having previously bought that, it should be noted that some of the tracks are played by the London Festival Brass Ensemble (I believe it was the only recording they ever made - in 1970 or 1971 and the line up, if I remember rightly, wasn't too dis-similar to the PJBE in those days - no Philip Jones, though.)
  12. carlwoodman

    carlwoodman Member

    Ordered a copy of Greatest Hits on Friday night and it was on my desk waiting for me this morning.
    Cracking typo on the Complete Roster where Brass Trombones are sandwiched between Tenor Trombones and Tubas!
  13. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Could have been worse! They could have referred to the group as the Philip Jones Bras Ensemble! (At least most of the muting would have been 'cups'! ;-))
  14. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    The invisable bras are the best!!! 2 Silicone Cups and some glue! :D
  15. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    And my searches proved this correct. Music from the Royal Courts is also amongst the PJBE compilations now avaialbe in the shops.

    All it needs now is for their Lollipops CD to be re-issued (Londoner in New York, London Miniatures and Fletch playing Flight of the Bumblebee!)

    Come to think of it, a fairly comprehensive discography (minus the recent Lighter Side and Royal Courts compilations amongst a few others) are listed here:

    Well, I reckon that's me up for a BoC award! ;-)
  16. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    The Lollipops album has been available on CD for quite some time, in fact, on the Claves label. I bought it at least a year ago. Same goes for the In Switzerland album. I recall that I bought them both on-line from Tower Records.
  17. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Ah, thank you James. I thought they'd both been deleted!