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  1. tbn8

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    Does any one know where to find the music of the Philip Jones Ensemble that has not been published?
  2. trumpetmike

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    Are you looking for any specific piece?
    Some of the members of that group have got some of the unpublished music and might be willing to lend/copy - some have also started publishing through smaller companies.
  3. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    Another place you might look is the RNCM Archives department - they hold a large number of PJBE documents, scores etc. For the past couple of years they have put a small selection of them on display in the foyer at the Festival of Brass. Start here:
  4. brassneck

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  5. Anno Draconis

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    Didn't Elgar Howarth do a lot of their arrangements? might be worth asking him, if you can get hold of him.....
  6. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Most of the Chris Mowat stuff is done by Chester Music in the Just Brass range.
  7. Mike Saville

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    Let us know which piece and we'll give you a bit more guidance. My personal favourite is Lucerne Song from the Swiss album - never found the copies for that one :(
  8. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Lucerne Song is great! Especially the cadenza at the end. :)

    There is an arrangement of it kicking about - I've played it with "a band" and there is a youtube vid of Steve Sykes (IIRC) playing the same arrangement - but I'm not sure if it's the version (though it sounds very close) or for that matter how legal it is....
  9. dizzy068

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    Yes, on his death all of Phillip Jones' ensemble music went to the RNCM Library in Manchester. I was responsible for going through it all - it was awesome! - It contains pre publication copies of the Just Brass series and a large number of unpublished commissions from the PJBE. It should all be catalogued on the RNCM online catalogue but is certainly all listed if you contact the Librarian by email I'm sure you will find what you are after.
  10. dizzy068

    dizzy068 Member

    Level Fonds RefNo PJBE Extent 14 series; 405 files Title Philip Jones Brass Ensemble Archive Date 1921-1996 Description Autograph MS of pieces composed or arranged for the ensemble by Philip Jones and others, and annotated published editions and photocopies. The archive encompasses the vast range of repertoire from the Renaissance-period to works contemporary with the Ensemble's lifetime. Composers represented include Ray Premru, Elgar Howarth, JS Bach, John Iveson, Samuel Scheidt, Arthur Bliss, Stephen Dodgson, Jan Koetsier, John McCabe and Victor Ewald.

    With some correspondence relating to repertoire and performances, and to the Just Brass series published by Chester Music in conjunction with Philip Jones and Elgar Howarth. Correspondence, notes, seating plans etc are also occasionally to be found with individual pieces.

    Unfortunately there are no programmes, or records of tours and performers. In some cases the names of the first performers of a piece have been written on the parts, but otherwise it is not possible to identify performers or venues, or frequency of performance. Notes Within the catalogue descriptions the ensemble required for a particular piece is noted in this format: Trumpet.Horn.Trombone.Tuba.
    For example "Ensemble" requires 2 trumpets, 1 horn, 1 trombone and 1 tuba; requires 4 trumpets and 4 trombones. Appraisal Items suitable for loan (eg. because published and not annotated) were transferred to RNCM Library stock during 2002 following work by John Miller and Liz Smith during 2002.

    The following item was recorded (by a student cataloguer following appraisal work) as having been received; it was not found on cataloguing the archive (completed October 2003):
    Brass Quintets II, Samuel Scheidt arr. Frigyes Varasdy (Score and Parts, ensemble Accruals None anticipated. Arrangement PJ's original arrangement (by venue type??) retained by John Miller and preserved in arrangement into 13 boxes of music, and one of correspondence. Copyright According to Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. PhysicalDescription Paper, including photocopies. CreatorName Philip Jones Brass Ensemble AdminHistory The Philip Jones Brass Ensemble was formed in 1951, and soon consisted of two basic formations: a quintet (two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba) and a ten-piece group for the larger concert halls in Germany, the USA and Japan. The ensemble, which disbanded in 1986, gained world renown. It made numerous recordings and gave many first performances of new or long-unheard works, and was widely emulated.

    The PJBE was a leading force in establishing the brass quintet as a standard chamber ensemble in the UK, owing to the versatility and excellence of its individual members. Its success was partly supported by the revival of Renaissance and Baroque music during the period, coupled with Jones' championing of contemporary music. The Just Brass series, established during the 1970s and published by Chester Music, was a unique and important development in the dissemination of brass chamber music.

    A detailed history of the PJBE can be found in Donna McDonald's "The Odyssey of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble" (pub. Bulle Switzerland, Editions BIM; 1986). It includes lists of members of the ensemble. CustodialHistory Bequeathed to RNCM in 2001

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