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    I have just been notified of the passing of Phil Parker. He was 94 and passed away last Thursday.

    His funeral will be at Surrey Crematorium, Balcombe Road at 11:15 on Monday 8th August.

    Condolences go to his family at this sad time.

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    Farnham, Surrey, UK
    Thanks for letting us know
    A truly lovely gentleman who always made you feel special when you were in his shop, even if you happened to be standing next to the LSO trumpet section (or similar).

    He taught my teacher and this led to a lovely moment when I was up at Parker's with a student (purchasing his first professional trumpet). My student was warming up with some exercises and Phil Parker came up the stairs, gave him a hard stare and asked "Where did you learn those from?" My student nervously pointed at me. Mr Parker then gave me the same hard stare and asked where I had got them. I mentioned my teacher and he smiled - he had taught them to my teacher, lol. It was a lovely moment of seeing how exercises and style can be passed through the generations of musicians.

    RIP Phil Parker
    You will be missed
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