Petrol + diesel--Damage?

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    Any one with a bit more knowledge about this? To explain, I called in at the Asda filling station after doing a bit of shopping last night, as I had about 2 gallons, (roughly ten litres) of diesel left in the tank, so proceeded to put £20-00 of fuel in. I was convinced I had used the diesel pump. After paying for it, drove home. This morning after turning the key, the engine was difficult to start and ran rather lumpy, but got it to work. I then opened the filler and had a sniff, oh sugar, the smell of petrol. I managed to limp it to another filling station this evening and filled the tank full with about 21 litres of the correct stuff, diesel. Do you think I could be OK and not suffer any engine damage, having diluted the petrol? Bearing in mind the petrol at it's current price, would be about or just over 15 litres for the £20 I paid.
    A check of the manual and the stated capacity of the fuel tank is 50 litres (Peugeot 205) so I guess I had a little more in the tank than I thought, before putting the petrol in it.
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    You could start by reading this thread here as tMPers have experienced this before :oops:
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    You should get away with it but to give yourself a chance it would be better to fill the tank with diesel. Petrol added to diesel could be used in the winter to prevent diesel freezing, it is said no more than 25% though!!!
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    I think you might get away with it if you keep topping up with diesel and so continue the dilution. However what does a tank of diesel cost? say £60? I personally would syphon it all out and fill up again with diesel. Why take the risk? If it does damage the engine the bills gonna be far more than £60.
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    If your car a bit older (being a 205 I'd guess it is?) you might get away with it, but on newer cars if you've driven it you've already probably damaged the pump and the injectors. Most breakdown companies recommend that you don't start the ignition, but call them out to drain the tank. Diesel, being an oil, lubricates any parts it comes into contact with. Petrol, being a highly volatile spirit, doesn't, which is where the damage occurs. If you have any kind of "modern" diesel with a common rail injection system or high pressure pump I wouldn't run the engine again until someone's had a look at it.
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    Thanks for that link I had forgotten how funny that thread became though what in the world it had to do with the topic by about page 5 I have no idea! And some of those posters - where are they now??