Petition - The Gurkhas deserve our support

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    Please take some time out to support the cause of the Gurkhas - these guys have fought for this country and contrinue to do so yet we pay them appallingly and treat illegal imigrants with more courtesy than these brave soldiers get.

    Here's the petition wording:

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to give all Ex Gurkha soldiers and their families who have served our country British citizenship on leaving the service.

    Thank you.
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    Interestingly enough, the email went straight to the Junk mail folder :biggrin:
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    Doneded also.
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    These fantastic troops should be treated with all the respect their proud record deserves.
    There was ( maybe still is ) a Gurkha regiment attached to 16 Airmobile in my home town of Colchester . Whenever you saw a gurkha out and about in civvies they were always immaculately dressed and incredibly polite . Interestingly enough ,the local chavs never started on them of a Friday night in town !!
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    Done. When you think of who does get given citizenship, this is a disgrace. End of.
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    Donded also :)
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    I completed this yesterday and got a reply from Downing Street saying I had petitioned to allow the Red Arrows to fly on olympics 2012, did anyone else get this?
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    Nice one Derek, still having trouble with the fingering on that keyboard? :biggrin:
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    nice one back Steve my fingering on the BBb was better I must admit
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    Signed up and firmly supporting the cause.

    The Ghurkhas are some of the finest soldiers the British army has ever seen, and have a long and proud history. Seldom has a country had such loyal friends.

    The offer of Citizenship is the least their service to the crown deserves.
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    I agree, although from the statement made by the government spokesperson I reckon they'll still be trying to find a few more obstacles to put in the way :mad:

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    signed and agreed, example abu amza (sorry about the spelling)