Peter Meechan Music launched

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  1. Peter Meechan Music has been set up in order to publish some of the increasing output of the music of Peter Meechan. PMM has been launched with an initial 5 titles, with further titles being released periodically.

    Requiem Paraphrases - On a Theme by Mozart, and Moz! were both written for Steven Mead, and recorded on his solo CD, Brassin' Mozart 2006. They are both available in their original form - for solo euphonium, brass dectet and 2 percussion - as well as solo euphonium with brass band.

    The third release is a work titled Alu, which was written for Diana Herak. It is a short solo for either or baritone horn or euphonium with brass band. Elegie (for trombone) and Devil's Duel (for euphonium), which has been performed extensively by David Thornton, make up the first set of releases.

    All above works are also available with piano accompaniment.

    2007 will see the release of several new works, including Episodes and Echoes (Concerto for Tuba) which was written for Les Neish, Red Flame for baritone horn written for Katrina Marzella, and Songs of Armagh.

    Further details can be found about the pieces available, and how to purchase at:
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